Journeys Through Change- Inspiration for Women to Create a Life they Love

Pamela Holt: How Her Love of Adventure and Storytelling Led Her to Host Her Own Travel Series

July 18, 2023 Noelle Van Episode 16
Journeys Through Change- Inspiration for Women to Create a Life they Love
Pamela Holt: How Her Love of Adventure and Storytelling Led Her to Host Her Own Travel Series
Show Notes

Have you ever considered stepping out of your day-to-day to get a fresh perspective on life and immerse yourself in a new culture or way of living? Have you avoided doing so because you’re always beholden to someone else’s schedule? 

Today’s guest decided to stop letting life get in her way and began solo traveling the world. Good news for you, she shares the insight she gained and her advice so you can do it too. This week on Journeys Through Change (formerly known as Go Go Bistro), my guest Pamela Holt and I are talking about how her love of adventure and storytelling led her to host her own travel show.

Pamela Holt is no stranger to solo travel. She was led into it by her sense of adventure and drive to overcome a debilitating accident that left her making a promise to herself she was determined to keep. Born in California and raised on the beautiful island of Oahu, Pamela studied theatre and film at UCLA where she developed a passion for storytelling. She went on to pursue her acting and musical theatre career and her star began to rise as she found herself duetting with Barry Manilow at the Hollywood Palladium and selling her first indie film, “The Three Amigas” at Cannes Short Film Festival. 

Unfortunately, her plans came to a screeching halt when she experienced a traumatic car accident at the age of 35 that left her immobilized. Only a few years later she was hit by another driver and after extensive spinal surgery, she knew her long road of recovery would mean abandoning her acting and singing pursuits. 

She then made a promise to herself as she was being wheeled into surgery that she would travel 80 countries by the time she was 50. Now in her 50s, Pamela has certainly made good on her promise- she’s journeyed to over 81 countries and along the way, began working as a travel reporter and host while documenting content from her travels. 

Pamela is a producer, creator, and host of her new show, Me, Myself & The World: The Art of Solo Travel, a new TV series now streaming on Amazon Prime and Go Traveler, which is a love letter to the journey of rediscovering oneself and embracing second chances, or better yet, second acts.

In this episode, Pamela and I discuss:

  • The pain and trauma that Pamela endured after getting in 3 car accidents in a few short years and the Tim McGraw song that inspired her to “live like she was dying” before going into spinal surgery. 
  • Reflecting back on the exact moment Pamela was bit by the “travel bug” as a teenager.
  • The things you learn about the world and even yourself through solo travel. 
  • Advice for anyone looking to get their feet wet into the world of solo travel without jumping in blindly to it.  
  • How Pamela combined her love for adventure and storytelling to host and produce her own show. 

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