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Hello World, Episode 3 - Sisu, the power from within

August 19, 2023 Helloworld Season 1 Episode 3
Helloworld 's Podcast
Hello World, Episode 3 - Sisu, the power from within
Show Notes

In this episode we’ll focus on what makes our hearts beat faster.  We are curious to find out what happens to our bodies and minds when that fire in a real Finnish Sauna gets going. We’ll take you along to enjoy a steamy Sauna with our Finnish guru Antti.

We’re also traveling to Turkey, which is another country world famous for their steamý baths and saunas. So originally - our Turkish friends Nisa and Neslahen were going to make a story about this. But in the middle of the night, on the 6th of February Syria and Turkey was struck by an earthquake that killed almost 60 000 people, injured twice as many and left more than 1,5 million people homeless. So Turkey’s story is a story about real inner strength or sisu and also hope in the aftermath of the earthquake…it’s about our families and friends and all the rescue workers who never stopped working. And this episode is a tribute to them.

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Hello World - Ep3 music credits;
DJB - Break Dat Beat!
Sugar Pushers! - Sugar Land
Ability II aka DJB - Just 4 Dreams (feat Steve Johnson on clarinet)
Ability II aka DJB - Se mi "wen mi come"
Soundtrack compiled by Infin9ityMusic/i9mrecordings