Expand What's Possible

Sam Evans attended my Manifesting Class and WON $100 000!

February 14, 2023 Madineyah Isaacs Episode 4
Expand What's Possible
Sam Evans attended my Manifesting Class and WON $100 000!
Show Notes

Discover the 3D practical and energetic steps guest, Sam Evans took to call in this 6 figure cash prize.
You'll learn tangible action steps you too can take TODAY to call in any big or small desire. It doesn't matter your end goal, manifesting (to make real) works across the board, as long as you are open to it and allow it in.
Check out my Instagram  for a picture of Sam and tv show host Michael Strahan holding the post-it note that was in her freezer that says: ‘I have $100 000!’
The Manifesting Bootcamp is happening this Sat Feb 18th, 10a-12:30pm EST! It's half practical, half spiritual and fully works. It's the same class Sam attended but UPGRADED with unique energy block clearings, meaning quicker results for you.
You'll leave with a clear formula to bring any desire into being, over and over. Join us here, Manifesting Bootcamp 

If you allow it, you can be a magnet for incredible things.
I also used the steps and set a playful intention to meet Oprah. 3 weeks later I was on a group Zoom call with the one and only, Oprah Winfrey! And it's the exact same steps I used to call in my husband all the way from South Africa to New York City.
What would it take for you to expand what’s possible? Because so much is available to you and for you.
See you on Saturday at the Manifesting Bootcamp Rate and review to receive good karma credit.

Sam Evans

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