Expand What's Possible

Removing Energy Blocks

February 28, 2023 Madineyah Isaacs Episode 6
Expand What's Possible
Removing Energy Blocks
Show Notes

I share how the ability to read people’s energy fields and remove people’s energy blocks keeping them stuck opened for me. 
Highlights incl:

  1. The subtle but important vibrational similarities of the words KNOW and NO and how it impacts your clarity
  2. Where and how we pick up dense vibrations
  3. What we can do to instantly shift any heavy energy
  4. A specific phrase I use to clear off heavy energy around me throughout the day
  5. The importance of connecting to the Light below, as well as above, to feel safe and grounded
  6. The importance of spiritual hygiene throughout the day
  7. First step I take in energy clearing sessions to be able to access unique information just for the client

I’ll also lead you through a Light Activation to experience the potency of who you truly are, which is LIGHT.
Should you be listening on the go, you can also do the Light Activation with your eyes open.
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Guest host:
Deborah McAllister + Instagram

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