Expand What's Possible

Practical ways to Strengthen your Intuition

March 14, 2023 Madineyah Isaacs Episode 8
Expand What's Possible
Practical ways to Strengthen your Intuition
Show Notes

A combined episode release with the incredible Emily Geizer.

The full episode is on her Podcast called ‘You ‘da What?’ where I talk about how my intuitive ability opened up, my background from shy South African kid to confident NYC life coach and how I learnt to trust my intuition from a young age. 
I skipped over those bits as in episode 1 I went into detail about my background - so have a listen if you are curious. 

Diving straight into the meat here (or plant-based alternative)

Highlights incl:

  1. Intuition VS energy 
  2. I go deeper into how I can ‘read energy like you read words in a book’
  3. A Light Activation to take you out of your human’ness and into your expanded being’ness
  4. Two practical tips you can put in place today to strengthen your intuition
  5. The exact time it takes for your intuition to come in as after that you are in your logical mind 
  6. How to build courage and trust to listen to your intuition 
  7. A new take on morning routines 
  8. An easy way to supercharge your affirmations to be in creation power 

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