Expand What's Possible

Love of Self, a Shift in Perspective

March 30, 2023 Madineyah Isaacs Episode 10
Expand What's Possible
Love of Self, a Shift in Perspective
Show Notes

This is an intuitive reading and energy clearing I led for a live class. Listen to it and Shift your Perspective on Love of Self aka Self Love.

If you are curious how this ability opened for me, please listen to Episode 6 and 8 where I dive more into it. 

Highlights incl:

  1. Discovering a potent energy clearing statement to blow up old, stuck energy IMMEDIATELY 
  2. Feel an energetic shift regards to love of self 
  3. Learn how self judgement blocks love of self 
  4. Shifting the self-pity addiction into love of self
  5. Open up to expanded thinking and possibilities of what self love and self care can be
  6. Why the energy of the word ‘YES’ holds such a high vibration and how to anchor that vibration within you to attract amazing things with ease
  7. How to amplify and maximize the good feelings you already feel throughout the day to take your vibration even higher
  8. A light activation to expand into your true nature of pure light and pure love

You can listen to this episode on the go or sit down in a quiet spot to receive deeper clearing benefits. 

You can return to this clearing time and time again to get a deeper boost of self love. 

Enjoy and let me know what you loved about this clearing by leaving a review.

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