Stepping into Meaningful Relationships

How to Stop Attracting Toxic Partners and Healing From Domestic Abuse with Lianne Torres

February 14, 2023 Corissa Stepp Season 1 Episode 4
Stepping into Meaningful Relationships
How to Stop Attracting Toxic Partners and Healing From Domestic Abuse with Lianne Torres
Show Notes

Do you feel like you’re a magnet for attracting one toxic relationship after another? Like no matter what you do, you can’t break the pattern and attract someone of your dreams?

You’re not alone. Millions of us, and I mean millions, feel like we’re trapped in a cycle of toxicity that we’re forced to endure.

But my special guest today, Lianne Torres, is here to support and remind us that no matter what happened in your past, you can heal from trauma, turn your life around, and reconnect with your inner magic.

In today’s episode, we jump into a time machine and revisit Lianne’s past, how she broke a lifelong sequence of emotionally and physically abusive relationships, and how she changed the trajectory and used her pain to guide others towards self-love and self-empowerment.

You're not stuck in a loop of heartbreak, my friends. You have the power to recalibrate your life.

Here's what not to miss:

  • [05:38] How many toxic relationships begin - What is love bombing? 
  • [11:06] Why we don’t always see the red flags
  • [13:03] The warning sign you need to be aware of 
  • [22:17] How to listen to your intuition 
  • [30:22] How true healing can begin 
  • [35:56] It’s okay to use the word victim 
  • [37:54] True love comes from within
  • [40:17] The #1 greatest healer 

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Corissa is a Relationship & Human Design Coach and Author who helps women rediscover their true authenticity to deepen the intimacy in their relationships by breaking the habit of codependency. She is also a recovering people pleaser, perfectionist, and codependent who guides clients through healing their inner self-critic, letting go of the guilt, and the tendency to give more than they have. Together with clients, she helps them release the thought and behavioral patterns that are holding them back so they can step into a more empowered, authentic, confident, and interdependent version of themselves and ultimately find a meaningful relationship that aligns with their true value and worth.

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