Stepping into Meaningful Relationships

Quieting Your Inner Critic with Onnie Michalsky

April 25, 2023 Corissa Stepp Season 1 Episode 16
Stepping into Meaningful Relationships
Quieting Your Inner Critic with Onnie Michalsky
Show Notes

We all have an inner mean girl or critic that tries to tear us down and sabotages aspects of our lives.

While we can learn to work with it, it’s not always easy to discover the power of your subconscious and reframe it to accept and love who you are. How often have you tried to improve your thoughts and found yourself fighting an uphill battle? You're not alone.  

But thankfully, Onnie Michalsky, licensed therapist, wellness coach, and mom of six who helps super moms embrace who they are, will teach us how to be our biggest cheerleaders and speak to ourselves with the love we deserve. 

You'll receive one empowering piece of advice after another with easy-to-apply tools and strategies to become your best self with grace. 

Onnie truly delivers the blueprint to building a better relationship with your inner mean girl and positively changing your life. 

Ready to start? 

Here are the not-to-miss takeaways...

  • [02:11] How our inner mean girl becomes instilled in our minds
  • [07:40] A fun experiment to teach your children the power of their self-talk 
  • [08:44] The first step to quieting your inner critic 
  • [12:23] Unlock your subconscious mind with this question 
  • [13:25] The second step of up-leveling your relationship with yourself 
  • [14:59] Why affirmations don’t work 
  • [16:19] A perspective to dive deeper and challenge the inner critic 
  • [21:58] How to tackle your cognitive distortions 
  • [24:53] A tool to decrease the power of your negative thoughts
  • [27:27] The #1 limiting belief we all carry 
  • [30:31] The best way to cope with your triggers 
  • [33:19] The best time of the day to process your emotions
  • [37:00] The greatest gift to give others 
  • [38:42] The most important question to ask yourself 

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Corissa is a Relationship & Human Design Coach and Author who helps women rediscover their true authenticity to deepen the intimacy in their relationships by breaking the habit of codependency. She is also a recovering people pleaser, perfectionist, and codependent who guides clients through healing their inner self-critic, letting go of the guilt, and the tendency to give more than they have. Together with clients, she helps them release the thought and behavioral patterns that are holding them back so they can step into a more empowered, authentic, confident, and interdependent version of themselves and ultimately find a meaningful relationship that aligns with their true value and worth.

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