Politics & Prose with Gail Dudley

Black Female Filmmakers with Ayanda Magagula

February 24, 2023 Season 1 Episode 8
Politics & Prose with Gail Dudley
Black Female Filmmakers with Ayanda Magagula
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Show Notes

Welcome to Politics & Prose. Gail Dudley sat down with Ayanda Magagula, the founder of Black Female Filmmakers. They jumped in and had a fun, engaging, uplifting conversation. Nothing was off-limits during this dialogue. Of course, Gail talked politics. She said, “We see over and over again the snubs of Black screenwriters, actors, and actresses when it comes to away nights. What do you believe are the politics behind such snubs, and how do you see Black Female Filmmakers addressing these politics?” Tune in to hear Ayanda answer.


Ayanda held nothing back. If you are considering filmmaking, screenwriting, producer, etc., you want to tune into this podcast. Have a listening party with liked-minded people and let’s get moving. 


Ayanda shared: 

1. Screenwriting

2. Being a gatekeeper

3. Changing the landscape

4. Building up and connecting Black Female Filmmakers


Be sure to watch Final48 on Amazon. It is a work of Ayanda’s. And as Ayanda shared, “Buy Black!” Let’s go! Oh, are you an ally? Help us share this podcast. 


About Ayanda Magagula. She founded Black Female Filmmakers and is a South African-born film editor based in the USA. She is best known for editing the award-winning experimental feature film, Final48 and the athlete-driven investment TV show Front Office, executive produced by the NBA’s Chris Paul. Ayanda currently works in Dallas, Texas, as a Post Supervisor on crime documentaries for a global TV network. After navigating the industry for over a decade, Ayanda continues to build Black Female Filmmakers to connect Black female industry talent and forge a new path.


Follow Black Female Filmmakers on Instagram @BlackFemaleFilmmakers and visit their website www.BlackFemaleFilmmaker.com

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