Divorce Podcast with the Divorce Lending Association

EP: 37.23 - Working Together Through Mediation with Lisa Taylor

June 14, 2023 Divorce Lending Association
Divorce Podcast with the Divorce Lending Association
EP: 37.23 - Working Together Through Mediation with Lisa Taylor
Show Notes

Join Carri Goldring, CDLP® with the Divorce Lending Association as she interviews Lisa Taylor. 

Lisa Taylor has been an attorney for more than 25 years and a full-time mediator for over 15 years. Lisa’s mediation practice focuses on empowering families to resolve their differences effectively and meaningfully, so they may move forward in a healthy and productive manner.

Lisa is also active in the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) community, serving as secretary of the State Bar of Michigan’s ADR Section Council for five years, receiving the ADR Section’s “George N. Bashara, Jr., Award” and its “Hero of ADR” Award, and now chairing its Legislation and Court Procedures Action Team (LCPAT). The Supreme Court Administrative Office appointed Lisa to serve on the Collaborative Law Court Rules Committee that drafted the Collaborative Law and Consent Judgment court rules adopted by the Michigan Supreme Court.

Lisa has published articles on ADR in the Michigan Lawyer’s Weekly and at Mediate.com and presented at the ADR Section’s Annual Meetings. Lisa is also a member of the State Bar of Michigan’s Family Law Section and is a professional with Professional Resolution Experts of Michigan (PREMi).

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