Astrology Alchemy Podcast

#225-"Flying on Together"--Week of Sept. 11, 2023

September 10, 2023 Sheila Bélanger
Astrology Alchemy Podcast
#225-"Flying on Together"--Week of Sept. 11, 2023
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The New Moon in Virgo beckons you to seed new pathways of healing, service and realignment to wholeness. This New Moon is connected to all three transpersonal planets, the archetypes of deep evolutionary change: Uranus (Maverick-Change Agent) in Taurus, Neptune (Visionary-Dreamer) in Pisces and Pluto (Systemic Transformer) in Capricorn. Seek news ways to:

  • Revolutionize (Uranus) the way you steward your life resources
  • Dissolve (Neptune) old spells of hopelessness and victim consciousness
  • Transmute (Pluto) toxic constricted patterns of disempowerment and fear 

Mercury (Communicator) turns forward in Virgo after three weeks of retrograde motion. After reviewing outworn ideas of perfectionism and criticism of self and others, move forward with new healing ways to communicate. Venus (Relational One) in Leo squares Jupiter (Wise One) retrograde in Taurus completing a 3-month period of review around if your values and relationship patterns (Venus) align with your deeper truths and beliefs (Jupiter). Make any necessary changes now.

Podcast poem: "While the World Burned On" by Heather Swan
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Hello, welcome to Astrology Alchemy. I'm Sheila Belanger, your host for this podcast. Alchemy is defined as a seemingly magical process of transformation. Spiritual alchemy is the process of pursuing the gold of your true nature by transmuting the unrefined, limiting parts of yourself. In this podcast, I'll offer you inspiring insights from current astrology cycles that support your path of turning your personal lead into gold. More resources are available at the website on theedgesofchangecom. Hello and welcome to the podcast for the week of September 11th. I am your host and guide, sheila Belanger. Here is a phrase from this week's podcast poem Flying On Together. This is such a potent week of weaving together so many archetypes and it's quite poignant in terms of it being a very potent anniversary. 22 years ago, 9-11 was when the planes flew into the world tower. So many people died, so many people injured and so much a resonance, with polarity enemy attacking Some of the energies of this week's astrology cycles really call us to transmute and go underneath the wounded. Two small stories of othering and making somebody else the wrong one. So let's begin with Thursday, september 14th. The new moon is at 22 degrees of Virgo, at 6.40 pm Pacific Daylight Time. First of all, remember the new moon is the sun and moon coming together in the heavens. The sun as that solar archetype of expansion, illumination, conscious living of our purpose and who we are. The moon as the instinctive nurturer, tuning us to our deeper, fluid emotional changes and the capacity to nurture ourselves and others from a very powerful, heartful, emotional place. The union of sun and moon once a month, the union of solar, lunar, of yang and yin, resetting us. Virgo, powerful earth, sign of healing, of service, of wanting to heal that which is wounded, wanting to bring things into wholeness, wanting to realign that which is broken. So, first of all, the new moon is just inviting us to say how do I start anew? What in my life needs realigning, what needs healing? What form is really congruent for my life? What service is mine to do congruently in this phase of my life and the world's life? What is so extraordinary about this new moon is, as these two planets, the Sun and Moon, come together, they make a connection astrologically with three planets that are called the transpersonal planets. These are the three outer planets of our solar system and for astrologers we call them transpersonal planets because they represent our archetypally, the transpersonal impulses of evolution. What's beyond the ego? The everyday, ordinary life which has its own beauty, transpersonal, beyond the personal ego. And the three outer planets are Uranus, the Maverick, the changemaker, neptune, the dreamer, the visionary, and Pluto, the great transformer. Pluto is designated a minor planet by astronomers, astrologers considered to be a very major planet because it is connected to the deity of the underworld and the journey of death rebirth. Now, each of these three planets represent an impulse to radically change our everyday, ordinary ego, reality and our sense of ourselves. It's not about harming us. It's about calling us to deeper soul evolution. Uranus, as the Maverick and changemaker, wants us to blow up the cages, the two small identities that are inauthentic and trap yourself and other people. Uranus is in Taurus right now, the sign of resources, of security, of stability. With the new moon, it's called a trine to Uranus, 120 degrees away. The new moon, in the seeding of healing and finding alignment with forms inside and out, wants to help us wake up to how to really spend our life, energy, in a good, sustainable way, with everything, all the tumultuous changes, the radical descent of initiation that our world is going through. The new moon connecting with Uranus says if not now, when? When are you going to make those radical changes that your soul longs for you to make Neptune the visionary, dreamer archetype. It dissolves ego reality. It really takes us into a much deeper oceanic consciousness, taps us into spiritual awareness, multiple dimensions of awareness, and really dissolves the boxes and shoulds of our everyday life. When Neptune is active, there is a sense of tapping the dream underneath things and opening our hearts with compassion to all beings. This new moon in Virgo is opposite Neptune in Pisces, and Pisces is that sign of compassion and fluidity and asking us to have connection to universal heart. So the new moon opposite Neptune says seed form, service healing and tap the dream of compassion, the dream of universal belonging, of universal oneness, any spiritual tradition that would activate for you in terms of the oneness, the creator, the spirit, the oneness that wants to be infused in this new moon. What's the greater dream that asks you to dissolve your two small self and get connected to a much bigger dream of compassion and love. And then, finally, pluto, the great transformer. This is the archetype that asks us to strip away, go down into the basement, look at our shadow material, transmute the poisons that are harming us and others. Pluto right now is in Capricorn and there's sign that's very pragmatic and strong and says be responsible, get your house in order. It's yours to lean in and do something additional Now. Pluto has been in Capricorn since 2008. You've heard me and many astrologers talk about this. Pluto and Capricorn wants us to systemically transmute the poisons of our external power structures and our internal power structures to go after the poisons of fear-based control, manipulation, might-makes-right power over all the places where there's social injustice and someone in power is causing harm to others without the power. Now Pluto in Capricorn is in a beautiful trine, also with the new moon in Virgo, so there's this alignment with. Make those deep systemic changes. Step up as your inner leader. Recognize what's yours to do and roll up your sleeves and do it. Make those changes about what's not working and work with your inner critic and the inner wounded figures that want to drive you with fear and cause you to harm others. The toxicity of polarization and wanting to one-up somebody else. All of that gets stirred up with this new moon. It activates the transpersonal planets. So this is a very powerful time, this new moon. It's very powerful new moon for evolution and change, and yet it's practical and grounded. So tune in what are your greatest aspirations for change for yourself and our planet and lean in, take action, step up into leadership, pray, dream all these things and make some radical changes. And just notice what's there. Because just on the heels of this new moon, on Friday September 15th, mercury goes forward at eight degrees of Virgo, after being retrograde for three weeks, and went retrograde August 23rd at 22 degrees of Virgo. For those of you who want to know the degree measurements, my dear audience, don't worry about the degrees if it doesn't make sense to you. The main point is Mercury, after three weeks of seemingly going backwards, is now moving forward again. The retrograde motion of a planet is always inviting us to stop, take a time out, reassess, review. Mercury is the communicator, messenger archetype. It's been retrograde in Virgo Again, this earth sign that wants healing, that wants that which is broken and hurting to come back into wholeness and alignment. You've had three weeks to notice some of your old thoughts that are too small for your soul to particularly go after, the inner mantras of self-criticism, of not good enough, of shoulds. These are all wounded Virgo energies, rescue operations I'm the one I should fix it. All of that, hopefully, has had some great reassessment and what you're coming to now, hopefully, is a understanding in your mind and your ideas of, well, what really is mine to do? How do I want to change the way I think and I communicate so that I'm really in alignment with my healing and the healing for the world? Let go of the too small toxicity of criticism of yourself or others. The world does not have time for this. People are dying, species are dying, the world's on fire. Okay, we have to lean in and make the evolutionary turn. You can do it, we can all do it. One person at a time is what's going to make us able to make these terms. And then, finally, on Sunday, september 17th, venus just having gone direct squares, jupiter retrograde at 15 degrees of Leo-Taurus. Now Venus is the relational one. It's all about our values, our relationships, what's important to us, how we love, what we care about, and it's about our self-worth. Venus has just come off a six-week period of retrograde motion where we've been invited to this deep review of what we often call, in astrology terms, love, money and values in quotation marks Relationships of all kind, how do I spend my life, resources and what's important to me. So Venus is fresh on this. I'm going forward now to implement those changes. Venus has been retrograde in Leo, which is a sign that asks you to have the courage to be visible with your love and your creativity, be in your sovereignty and help others, respect others and let them be in their sovereignty. The square means there's a 90-degree angle between Venus and the heavens and the planet Jupiter, which is the mentor-teacher-wise one. Jupiter has to do with our core beliefs and the deep wisdom we carry. It's just gone retrograde. So we're in this review period, this four-month review period of wait, wait, wait. Check the paradigms at the door. Hold on to those dogmas. Let's look again at them. And Jupiter and Taurus Taurus is another earth sign, as we talked about. That has to do with security resources. I got my stuff. Taurus is very pragmatic and grounded, very sensual energy. Jupiter and Taurus is asking us to expand our awareness and our beliefs about sensuality, our connection to the earth. Security. Venus Square Jupiter this is the third of three Venus Square Jupiter cycles is finishing up work that we started in mid-June. It's the first time that Venus Square Jupiter, june 12th of 2023, the second time exactly that Venus Square Jupiter was September 17th of 2023. And now this week is the last one. So we're really summing up what have we been working on for the last three months around balancing our values, how we love and what's important to us, in coming forward with our visibility and sovereignty and challenging us to look at our old dogmas and beliefs around security and stability. For many people it's risk in coming out because so many times people will hide themselves, will play small and be invisible because they're afraid. They're afraid of being criticized, they're afraid of losing status or friends, or what will people think of me? Or if I disrupt things by coming out as who I really am, I may lose something. You know what the state of the world now is. Take the risk. It's time to come out and to balance what's just the right amount of stability and security with what's just around, the risk to bring your heart forward, to be visible, to care about yourself and others in a dynamic way. So all this is floating around this week, in this powerful week of an anniversary of a profound harm to our world that came about through othering, through polarization, through war and destruction. We cannot keep doing this. Take this week, with this new moon in Virgo, activated by the three evolutionary planets of change, to say I am seeding a pathway of deep systemic healing, I'm aligning myself with forms and ways of being inside and out that are under attunement with my soul. This is a prayer of health and wholeness for the world. I invite you to have the courage to line up with that this week. I invite you to be flying on together, all of us, into a new world. Here is a poem to support the power of this week's astrology and its archetypal change. It's called Well the World Burned On by Heather Swan. The yeast shot across the water like a squadron, a line of them two feet above the surface. We were caught in their path, my canoe merely a shape cut out of the gathering grey light of dusk. We watched them coming between lake and sky, mirror images of their bodies just below them as they grew larger and larger, unwavering, passing us close enough that the sound of their wings pressing against the wind left us gasping. Awaken from the spell you had cast with your poem moments before about your dead son that had us floating only on the cavernous grief, his bones silting in the spring, your empty hands, my own dead, returning while the hole left by the virus widened beneath us like the dark water and the palimpsest of the many violence was suddenly so clear and we were descending, we were out of time, meaning not in it. But then, a breath later, the moonlight flickered on the surface of the water and that sound of wings, and we were back in the boat, the geese pulling us forward as they did the impossible, not stopping but flying on together, though the air was thick with dread and there was so very little light. We can do the impossible. We can fly on together. We can honor the holy dead, the ones we've lost through violence and suffering, and the parts of ourselves we've lost through violence and suffering. May you feel a renewed sense of hope and may you find a wild geese flying across your canoe, calling you to follow them, to fly on together. Thank you, as always, for your support of this podcast. I am deeply grateful for each of you and remember I have so many resources available to you to support you in your own transformational journey at the Edge Go. Check out my website on theedgesofchangecom. Bless your journey this week.

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