Astrology Alchemy Podcast

#226-"How to Give Yourself to This World"--Week of Sept. 18, 2023

September 17, 2023 Sheila Bélanger
Astrology Alchemy Podcast
#226-"How to Give Yourself to This World"--Week of Sept. 18, 2023
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The Sun (Conscious Self) in Virgo opposes Neptune (Dreamer) in Pisces inviting you to balance "doing" with "being." Pause and reflect on where you are working too hard to fix things. Trust your heart prayers and let it go. On September 22 near midnight (Pacific time), the Sun enters Libra ushering in Autumn Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere. Attune with this ancient rhythm of life changes. Honor the call to go within and harvest your inner changes. Mars in Libra opposes Chiron retrograde in Aries challenging you to shift old personal and ancestral wounded patterns of conforming to external relationships rules at the cost of being true to yourself.

Podcast poem: "Clearing" by Martha Postelwaite

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Speaker 1:

Hello, welcome to Astrology Alchemy. I'm Sheila Belanger, your host for this podcast. Alchemy is defined as a seemingly magical process of transformation. Spiritual alchemy is the process of pursuing the gold of your true nature by transmuting the unrefined, limiting parts of yourself. In this podcast, I'll offer you inspiring insights from current astrology cycles that support your path of turning your personal lead into gold. More resources are available at the website on theedgesofchangecom.

Speaker 2:

Hello and welcome to the podcast for the week of September 18th. I am your host and guide, sheila Belanger, a phrase from this week's poem how to Give Yourself to this World. We move into the week of equinox autumn equinox in the northern hemisphere, spring equinox in the southern hemisphere, a call to balance and to pause and to honor the ancient cycles of change. On Tuesday, september 19th, the sun is opposite Neptune, retrograde at 26 degrees of Virgo. Pisces. The sun is the conscious self, the hero-heroine on the journey of learning and growing and being and actualizing your core, sole purpose in life. Neptune, the dreamer, the visionary, the altered state one. When the sun is opposite a planet, it is a balance point, like equinox, where you're balancing the two signs Virgo, grounded earth, wanting to heal, wanting to serve, wanting to rescue if you're not careful. Pisces fluid water, not grounded in a sacred way, fluid, emotionally shape-shifting and changing. The deep challenge of Virgo energy is a constricted critical. Things are not perfect. I'm not good enough, you're not good enough, very, very toxic. The wounded Pisces energy is on-grounded escapism, overwhelm, psychic overwhelm. I can't find my bearings, I feel victimized and invisible. Those are the extremes when we have an opposition. The two archetypes are helping to balance the energies and their very nature. So the sun opposite Neptune says on your journey of being who you are and living your life, pull in the gift of compassion, sensitivity, vision, slow down, dream, pray, muse. And Neptune gets challenged by the sun with Virgo, to say, okay, beautiful dream and beautiful vision, get real that you're not a meshed, that you're not caught. So be aware this week of where you're pulled, to be compassionate and connected and to help and to serve and get clarity about what's yours to do and what's not yours to do. That totally fits for Friday, september 22nd, when the sun moves into Libra and we have equinox at 11.50 pm, pacific Daylight Time. Now for the Northern Hemisphere, which is where I am and most of my listeners are. But I also want to do a shout out to the Southern Hemisphere listeners. Okay to be honoring them also. But for the Northern Hemisphere we're moving into autumn, so it's that natural place of slowing down. The big, intense growth and fullness of summer is finished. We're harvesting the fruits and the vegetables, the leaves are turning, everything's slowing down After equinox again. Of course, there'll be more darkness than light as we move towards winter solstice. But fear not, the power of Libra is to help you pause and balance in fairness and reciprocity. The sun for the next month is illuminating in our hearts. Where can I be in a better relationship with myself and others? What's out of balance? Where is there injustice that I have some capacity to balance? Where can I lean in with respect and reciprocity? And it's a wonderful time to pause yourself with this big, powerful turning of the seasons. Where do you need to pause and make a clearing for awareness? Where do you need to slow down from the fullness and busyness of summer and all the reactivity to everything going on in our world right now? What is your dream for balance and fairness, for yourself, for other people, for the planet, for the ecosystems. So just notice where. That is a calling to go within and to deepen into balance and peace, which is a gift. If you have it, you are gifting the world with it. And then on Sunday, september 24th, mars is opposite Chiron, retrograde at 18 degrees of Libra and Aries. Now Mars is the act of Yong, advocate, champion, warrior, warrior, synergy. It doesn't do very well in Libra because it's a character in us that just wants to go. He wants to go after what it wants. The Libra energy is naturally asking for balance. The scales Well, what about this? What about this? Well, what do you want, dear? So sometimes, when Mars is in Libra, you slow down because you have to. It's important. Don't run over people, don't run over yourself. Watch the kind of impulsive reactivity, especially Mars in its wounded side, has to do with our anger and our frustration and irritation, and there is so much toxic anger in our world right now. There's a gift of Mars being in Libra for six weeks that is asking us all, archetypally, to balance and not be so quick to attack or to demean or to other. Chiron is this amazing shape shifting asteroid comment that comes from the outer edges of our solar system and is connected to the wounded healer archetype, the shamanic one. The shape shifter. Chiron calls us to recognize the medicine in our wounds and calls us to recognize the deeper healing work we need to do, because we also, unconsciously, are caught in ancestral wound patterns, transgenerational trauma that needs to be metabolized. Chiron is in Aries right now, which is a fire sign that wants to just go and be very independent and do your thing. The great gift of Chiron in Aries right now is to turn and do the inner healing work for yourself and to recognize ancestral patterns where it was not okay for you to be you or a pain or a wound of stifling your own agency, your own capacity to have courage and to take risks. So you may find at the end of this week with the Mars Chiron cycle that if you feel a kind of irritation or frustration, you know because something's happening with other people Libra, mars and Libra. You might just pause with the Libra energy and say wait a minute, let me look inside. Have I got some unmetabolized pain around where I've stopped myself or I've been taking on ancestral pain or ancestral messages that need to be healed, or collective messages that say don't take risks, don't go for what you want, Don't have the courage to stand up and fight for what's right? So notice Mars Chiron. It really is a powerful call for healing work with anger and frustration, and healing work with agency and championship. What do you appropriately want to fight on behalf of now? Where do you want to lean in to shift some of the injustice, some of the nasty, demeaning relationship patterns that serve no one and just keep looping us in woundedness and pain? That's all there. So just recognize this week, the special week of Equinox, and recognize, especially with the sudden Neptune cycle at the beginning of the week, to check and question your rescue operations, your need to fix yourself and others Because there's other ways to do that. This week's podcast poem supports you. To consider that. The poem is called Clearing, by Martha Postal. Wait, do not try to save the whole world or do anything grandiose. Instead, create a clearing in the dense forest of your life and wait there patiently until the song that is yours alone to sing falls into your open, cupped hands and you recognize and greet it. Only then will you know how to give yourself to this world so worthy of rescue. This beautiful poem from Martha really aligns with the sudden Neptune challenge. Don't try to save the whole world Anything grandiose. Pause and tune in, and then the Mars Chiron Cycle at the end of the week asks you what's your own song to sing. Know that, align with that, then you'll know what action to take. Thanks so much for your ongoing support. Bless your journey of transformation this week.

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