Astrology Alchemy Podcast

#230-"Find a Way to Die of Generosity"-Week of October 16, 2023

October 15, 2023 Sheila Bélanger
Astrology Alchemy Podcast
#230-"Find a Way to Die of Generosity"-Week of October 16, 2023
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Remember we're in eclipse season so keep releasing outworn emotional patterns. The Sun (Conscious Self) conjoins Mercury (Storyteller) in Libra both of whom square Pluto (Transformer) in Capricorn. Activate your penetrating mind to shift old relationship patterns that you know don't work. Tell the truth to yourself about the cost of "making nice." Venus (Relational One) in Virgo trines Jupiter (Teacher-Mentor) in Taurus catalyzing the deep, earthy wisdom you carry about sustainable use of your life resources. At the end of the week,  Mercury enters Scorpio and trines Saturn (Responsible One) in Pisces opening your mind to deeper spiritual truths about how to practically express your compassionate and visionary nature.

Podcast poem: "My Courageous Life" by David Whyte 
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Hello, welcome to Astrology Alchemy. I'm Sheila Belanger, your host for this podcast. Alchemy is defined as a seemingly magical process of transformation. Spiritual alchemy is the process of pursuing the gold of your true nature by transmuting the unrefined, limiting parts of yourself. In this podcast, I'll offer you inspiring insights from current astrology cycles that support your path of turning your personal lead into gold. More resources are available at the website on theedgesofchangecom. Hello there and welcome to the podcast for the week of October 16th. I am your host and guide, sheila Belanger, so I invite you to take a nice deep breath with me. We are still in eclipse season. We have had this powerful solar eclipse last week and a big full moon eclipse coming next week. I want to remind you that eclipses are circuit breaker, archetypal energies, because the normal way that the luminaries of our solar system the sun and the moon shine their light to us, awaken us, is changed. We had last week a solar eclipse, the disk of the moon eclipsing the sun, so the emotional self, moon changing up how our conscious mind moves. Sun. What we're coming up to next week is a full moon eclipse, so the sun and moon opposite each other, and the disk of the earth, the earth's shadow falls on the moon's face, so there's an eclipsing of intense emotionality by being grounded with our earth self. So we're in the middle phase. This week it's a little bit of a pause. We still have some powerful archetypal energies to support us and yet it's like catch your breath right now. One of the gifts we'll talk about with this week's energy is how you can deeply change your paradigms to open up to more love, more reciprocal relationship, and to allow your penetrating mind to come forward and guide you. A phrase from this week's podcast poem is Find a Way to Die of Generosity, the opportunities to let old self, old patterns go. So begin with. On Thursday, october 9th, the sun is conjunct, mercury at 26 degrees of Libra, late in the evening in Pacific time, so later time zones will have it Friday morning. And the sun, remember, is the conscious self. It's your identity, it's your sense of who you are on your life journey. Mercury is the communicator, storyteller archetype. And when the sun and mercury come together, right now this is the midway point of a four month mercury cycle. The four month mercury cycle is a place where you can seed an idea for communication or expression and walk through it for the next four months and we're at the halfway point of that cycle right now the current cycle and I want to read something that Astro Butterfly, my colleague, talks about, which works a lot with the mercury cycles. I really appreciate how she helps us to understand how we can manifest things through our communication and ideas. She says, with the sun conjunct mercury, now we're in the middle or the full moon phase of the current mercury cycle. This means it's manifestation time. What do we manifest? Anything, mercury. An intellectual project, a piece of writing, a speech, a presentation, a negotiation, a collaboration. Now Pluto is squaring the conjunction, so your mercurial delivery will be intense and transformative. Pluto is the archetype of the transformer, the underworld deity who invites us to do systemic cleanup work. Let die what needs to die so that the new can be reborn. So just notice, you know, roughly in the last two months, what projects or ideas have you been percolating about that you might be willing to go? Ah, let's take it forward. This conjunction is in the sign of Libra, where we just had the solar eclipse, new moon last week, so there's this beautiful sort of tidal energy starting over. So anything. Maybe it's writing a powerful letter to somebody. Pay attention to where there's some mercurial projects that want to be expressed and honored and even if you don't have some external project that wants to come out. This sun mercury conjunction together in the heavens is what we call squaring Pluto. It means it looks like a 90 degree angle with Pluto, this powerful archetype of deep change. So it can mean, as you align with the archetypal energy this week, you get these very transformative insights. Like you tell the truth to yourself, particularly because the sun and mercury are in Libra, the sign of relationships and balance and justice, and Pluto is in Capricorn, the sign of practical, grounded earth manifestation, you might get some awareness about you're going in a direction that's not sustainable stop, or some awareness in relationship patterns where you want to get down to the truth of it. And again, still working with the power of that new moon eclipse, what new ways might you go forward that transform inner or outer relationships? And then on Saturday, october 21st, venus, trines, jupiter at 12 degrees of Virgo, torus, venus, the relational one archetype, the lover, has everything to do with what you value, what you care about, whom and what you love. And now Venus is in Virgo after her long four month gig in Leo that was finished and now she's in this practical earth sign that wants to heal, that wants to bring things in greater wholeness. Jupiter is the great, wise, one, teacher, mentor archetype. Both Virgo and torus are deeply earthy and grounded signs, where Virgo wants to help, serve and heal and make things into wholeness. Torus wants to be really clear about how to manage your life resources in a good way. Torus asks what's it costing me? Is it worth it? Not from an arrogant, grabby way, but from just an honest way. Jupiter has been in torus since earlier this year. It stays in one sign for about a year, so there's an opportunity for all of us to actualize more wisdom, more understanding inside ourselves about the price we pay and what is the best way to use our life resources. Now, this is very personal for most of us, whether you know, what energy do I give to relationships? How am I finances? How do I decide where I choose what to do in each day? That's very important, but of course, this is as all archetypal cycles are, on a global scale. Because the climate crisis. How are we spending our life energy? Are we continuing to kill our planet and therefore ourselves and all beings? The newest war in the Middle East, alongside the war with Russia and Ukraine. How are we spending our life, resources, killing people? There is this poignant energy of, again, the Pluto Mercury. That's part of this is this deep, penetrating questions. And then this one it's a simple archetypal energy, this week of Venus trying Jupiter, and nonetheless it's powerful because Venus has to do with our love nature. When it's in Virgo, it symbolizes so many of us want healing now in our relationships, and when it is in a harmonious relationship to Jupiter, the wise one, the one that helps us understand a bigger picture and also the one who helps us open to change our paradigms. It fundamentally says is there any way that we can do healing work inside and out with our relationships by opening up the wisdom we carry? Jupiter and Taurus. How, then, am I spending my life and do I want to partner more consciously with positive life, enhancing energy? Do I want to allow myself to be transformed? Do I want to be an agent of transformation for myself, in the world by bringing practical healing love into my life and into the world? That question is there with the Venus Pluto energy. You may find it very subtle for you, or you may also feel a big awakening of just like, wow, I have to change course here. How I am spending my life, energy, what I am choosing to put my energy in, is not going with my values, venus, and it's not really healing, so able to make those changes. And then the last cycle of this week kind of goes along with that theme and it is Mercury, trine, saturn, thank you at zero degrees of Scorpio, pisces. It's very powerful because Mercury has just by this point, mercury has just changed signs and stepped into Scorpio. Saturn is in Pisces and it's just about to go forward. It's been in the beginning part of Pisces and then it's been retrograde, seeming to move backwards in its orbit. It's just going to come to that first point. Zero degrees is the very beginning of a zodiac sign, of 30 degree arc of a zodiac sign. So it's been going backwards in Pisces say, okay, I'm going to stop right here, I'm about to go forward next week to kind of invite us all to move forward with our manifestation, with our responsibility, with our accountability. Energy, because that's Saturn, saturn is the great. I often call Saturn the archetype with the clipboard, the guy gal person with the clipboard, because Saturn is a structure maker, it's the responsible one. And when Saturn is involved in some kind of archetypal journey with the planets, the theme of, okay, what's mine to do? Okay, wait, take stock, what's working, what's not working, how do we move forward? Saturn's been Pisces for just a little bit of time and Pisces is a water sign. That's about fluid, empathetic compassion, opening our hearts with more generosity, with more love, with more vision, and yet not in a sort of impractical, you know, skies the limit, no reality check energy. It's not that at all. Saturn and Pisces, as it's been stepping into Pisces, it's been challenging each of us. Can we walk our talk with our spiritual values, or our heart, or our compassion? How do we take responsibility for the suffering that we carry and our ancestors carry? How do we take responsibility in a sacred way and how do we recognize our responsibility to attend to the suffering of the world Appropriately, not psychic overwhelm, not impractical rescue operations, but leaning in and saying this is happening and Mercury having just gone into Scorpio at this time now, our mind, our storyteller, communicator mind, is saying I want to go deeper, I'm in Scorpio, I want to get to the core of the matter, I want to tell the truth, I want to identify the elephants in the room, I want to identify the emperor who has no clothes and say this is BS. And as I let my penetrating mind tune in in my life to what needs to go, what needs to change in my mind, but also what truths do I need to tell myself? I am wanting to positively align, try with Saturn, my responsible one who says connect my penetrating truth, telling self, mercury and Scorpio with my responsible, compassionate heart. Saturn and Pisces, bring those together and how do I go forward with this? So again, remember still lots of energy this week. We have a little breath we can take before next week's eclipse. So here's a poem to honor this week's archetypal energy that is dancing with all of us. It's called my Courageous Life by David White. My courageous life has gone ahead and is looking back, calling me on. My courageous life has seen everything I have been and everything I have not and has forgiven me day after day. My courageous life still wants my company, wants me to understand my life as witness and the bequeath me the way ahead. My courageous life has the patience to keep teaching me how to invent my own disappearance and how, once gone, to reappear again. My courageous life wants to stop being ahead of me so that it can lie down and rest deep inside the body it has been calling on. My courageous life wants to be my foundation, showing me day after day, even against my will, how to undo myself, how to surpass myself and how to laugh as I go in the face of danger, how to invite the right kind of perilous love, how to find a way to die of generosity. So, dear ones, as you travel your own journey of attunement with the archetypal energies, tune in to that sun, mercury, pluto, this week shining the light on your own deep, penetrating mind, helping you to tell the truth about the changes that need to happen so that you activate your courageous life. And let it be the foundation, let it take you on a journey to be your deepest, highest good and still deep, deeply compassionate for who you are as a human. May you be able to invite the right kind of perilous love into your life. This week, and continuing, I have a special offer for you in honor of the upcoming Full Moon Eclipse. I'm offering a free five-day challenge Break, free of toxic smallness. I designed it especially for my core people you growth-oriented, empathetic visionaries ready to tap your full potential. I want to give you some powerful guided imagery, journal practices and mindset shifting experiences so you can really break free of the cycle of limiting self-doubt and self-sabotage and get into thriving as the powerful dreamer and achiever you are. The world needs us to activate the power of our inner wisdom and our visionary nature more than ever. I hope you come join me to find out more information. To find out more information, go to my website on theedgesofchangecom. Right there on the homepage is a way to click in and get information. It's a free challenge the week of October 23rd to 27th, as we culminate with the Full Moon Eclipse. Thanks, as always, for your continued love and support of this podcast. Send it out with good vibes, tell your friends, take good care of yourself.