Astrology Alchemy Podcast

#231-"May We Open to the Blessed Light That Comes"--Week of October 23, 2023

October 22, 2023 Sheila Bélanger
Astrology Alchemy Podcast
#231-"May We Open to the Blessed Light That Comes"--Week of October 23, 2023
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The upcoming Full Moon Eclipse in Taurus on October 28th serves as your cosmic circuit breaker inviting you to shed old fears of scarcity and embrace your deeper truths about resiliency. At the beginning of this eclipse week, as the Sun (Conscious Self) enters Scorpio, it trines Saturn (Responsible One) in Pisces.  As your awareness (Sun) dives into deeper emotional truths (Scorpio), you're called to remember to lean in with your mature compassion and empathy for yourself and others.

At the Lunar Eclipse, the Sun is conjunct Mercury (Storyteller) and Mars (Advocate/Warrioress) in Scorpio inviting you to recognize and track old mental stories of wounded Scorpio themes such as un-metabolized trauma with its resentment and fear. Yet, equally, you are called to courageously transform those wounded stories with your emotional honesty and agency. Also the Moon (Instinctive Nurturer) is conjunct Jupiter (Teacher/Mentor) in Taurus helping you to recognize and shift personal and ancestral fear-based survival strategies. As Angeles Arrien says, align with "the good, true and beautiful" of your ancestors.

Podcast poem: "How the Light Comes" by Jan Richardson
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Hello, welcome to Astrology Alchemy. I'm Sheila Belanger, your host for this podcast. Alchemy is defined as a seemingly magical process of transformation. Spiritual alchemy is the process of pursuing the gold of your true nature by transmuting the unrefined, limiting parts of yourself. In this podcast, I'll offer you inspiring insights from current astrology cycles that support your path of turning your personal lead into gold. More resources are available at the website on theedgesofchangecom. Hello and welcome to the podcast for the week of October 23rd. I am your host and guide, sheila Belanger. Time to align with the light of the full moon eclipse. Coming up A phrase from this week's poem may we open to the blessed light that comes. Eclipses are very potent times archetypally. For eons, our ancestors knew something was up. There was a change, a rip in the fabric of normalcy, with a lunar eclipse. The sun and moon are opposite each other and the earth is in between, and from some places on the world the earth's shadow falls on the disk of the moon. So we have an eclipse of the moon and the moon is, archetypally, the instinct of nurture. It's very much about our deep emotions. How we nurture, want to be nurtured, has everything to do with our ancestors, family, where we come from, where our roots are. An eclipse invites what sometimes is called a circuit breaker. It stops the normal, habitual patterns. Now the eclipses happen in sets of two or three twice a year and they're aligning with what is called the nodes N-O-D-E-S, particularly mathematical point in the heavens that, basically, is about our karmic changes. There's a south node point which represents our past patterns, our survival strategies and what we want to release where we've come from in a challenging way. The north node represents where we're headed, our evolutionary purpose, our cutting edge work and when we have eclipses, the eclipses are either aligned with the south node or the north node. Both are holy because when it's a south node eclipse, it helps us bring up the old karmic patterns of the past, personally and collectively, to be shifted. When it's a north node eclipse, it's a calling forward, it's a go to your edges, make those courageous choices, follow your true north, follow what your soul is really asking of you and what the soul of the world is asking of the world. The upcoming fulminic eclipse on Saturday, october 28th is at five degrees of Taurus, at 1.24 pm Pacific Daylight Time. Now this is, as many astrologers are calling it, a doozy of a full moon eclipse because of other planets that are aligned with the full moon and what we have is the sun, mercury and Mars in the sign of Scorpio, opposite the moon, and Jupiter in the sign of Taurus. So to help you align with the power of the evolutionary change of this full moon eclipse, let's honor this conversation between Scorpio and Taurus. Scorpio is a deep water sign and it is about penetrating truth telling. It's about passion. It's about deep desire for transformation and intimacy. Whatever planets are in Scorpio, those archetypes are right at the bones. They're like cut the BS, what's really going on. And the gift of strong planetary alignments in Scorpio is we have the courage to really tell the truth about our feelings and what's going on. The challenge of Scorpio energy is an unconscious trauma, drama in resentment and caught in all the past, hurts and resents and I'm going to get even. It's a very difficult, unconscious, aggressive energy. Taurus is a grounded earth sign. That's about sensuality and resources and feeling safe and secure and rooted. When planets are in Taurus, those archetypes are really getting down to it, like you know. Okay, get your feet on the ground. What's really going on? Are you safe? Are you stewarding your life resources well? That can be your energy, your body, your time, your physical resources, your money. Taurus says you know, if that old saying you may have heard, a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush? It's like I got what I got. And Taurus is very holy and sacred because it grounds us in our earth experience. We are creatures, we are animals of the earth and it's very sensual, real, and the conversation between Scorpio and Taurus is all about how to be safe and secure and how to be real in doing that, because the wounded side of Taurus is an unconscious scarcity and grabbing and hoarding. I'm afraid I'm not going to get what I want. I'm going to grab something I'm going to take from others and a very kind of stubborn closed system. You know, my mind's made up and this is how it is and I keep going in a rondo of grab, grab, grab, scarcity, scarcity, fear, fear, fear. Now, both of these signs, when they're highly active as they are in a lunar eclipse, really brings to the surface core patterns of survival strategies. And because this full moon eclipse is, with the North node, the evolutionary purpose, it's this. Calling for all of us to outgrow the unconscious, fear-based scarcity survival strategies and remembering that the moon is in Taurus is very much about where we come from. It's our own emotional grounding and rooting and being at home with ourselves. It's also our ancestors and our families. So what we have with this full moon eclipse is an extraordinary calling into all of us, as we are seeing so desperately on the world stage right now. Are we going to keep being run by the unmetabolized trauma of our ancestors, of the unmetabolized fear of scarcity and loss and survival strategies? In a really raw way, what's not healed from our ancestors, our moon, our family, becomes this paradigm which is Jupiter, about our belief systems and our truths is that I have to do anything possible to survive and all of us come from ancestral lineage that has this survival paradigm. And then you put the connection with Scorpio, which is saying, okay, we're in this deep, intense emotionality, and the Sun in Scorpio is with Mars, the warrior, warrior, advocate, fighter and with Mercury our mind, our ideas, our storytelling and you have this incredible cauldron coming to a full rolling boil now that says, okay, here's the consequences of not healing and metabolizing and transforming unconscious ancestral DNA, wounding in our beings. Then we do an unconscious knee jerk Mars, aggression, annihilation, driven by our thoughts that say I got to do this in order to survive. Now we are desperately seeing this played out in the world stage wherever we look, particularly in the Middle East and with Russia and Ukraine. But it's everywhere and we can do something about it in our own way. And this is about our courage, mars, to step in and say I am going to change the thought patterns, I'm going to change the paradigms of survival strategies that are unconscious in my own lineage, my own ancestral lineage. This is the small piece I can do so that I don't unconsciously replicate and feed the fire of all the unmetabolized trauma that has just overwhelmed us in the world right now. It's such a potent time because, if we say, north Node, lunar Eclipse, what if I had the courage, mars, to step forward and take potent, strategic, penetrating action, scorpio, emotional action, scorpio because again the full moon coming up, the Sun shines the light. It's the conscious self, it's shining the light with Mercury, our storyteller, messenger, conscious mind, and with Mars, our advocate, our champion. So we can have a different way of thinking about it If we have the courage, mars, to change our thinking, mercury, so we get down to the core of what's really wrong, what's really needing to be deeply transformed. Am I really in scarcity? Am I really in fear? Maybe I am. But if I'm not, can I say change my mind, get to the heart of the matter. How do I transform and rebirth the power of my own love, the power of my own courage to feel what I need, to feel, to not turn away from the suffering of the world but also not to overwhelm myself? In balance to the moon and Jupiter in Taurus, where the Jupiter as the wise one, the mentor, the guide, the one who tracks the paradigms that need to shift, and the moon, jupiter, in a very positive way, is about the wisdom of the ancestors that live in you and it's about the wisdom of your emotional knowing, your moon, your moon wisdom. And so there is this choice point with this eclipse. There always is a choice point with the eclipses, do I continue unconsciously replicating the trauma story of the ancestors, of loss, of fear, of scarcity? It doesn't mean that in your current life you're not afraid or you don't have things you don't have or you have scarcity. I'm not saying that. But I'm saying where does it get loaded by the burden of the unconscious ancestral wounds that have not been healed and metabolized? Because there's also the great beauty and power of the ancestors. A very wonderful spiritual teacher, angelus Arian, would often ask can we stop the harmful family patterns and instead align with the good, true and beautiful of the ancestors? This lunar eclipse is an incredible opportunity to align with the good, true and beautiful of your ancestors the way they have resilience, moon, jupiter, the knowledge to how to survive, how to be rooted in the earth, how to steward their life resources well and how to be honest into the Scorpio, to watch their minds, watch the impulse of destruction and rage and aggression and fear fueled resentment and say I'm going to transmute those poisons. I will do my individual work on behalf of my ancestors, my descendants and the world, because the good, true and beautiful of your ancestors are standing at your back and the wounded ancestor also there. But you need to make a very powerful shift to bring the wounded ancestors into a healing place in your heart and with all the resources, the prayers, the healing energy you can and have your good, true and beautiful ancestors guiding you they know the way, they have the courage they've survived and to bring that into your own inner transformation, to bring it in to your day-to-day actions in the way you connect with others, the world, the earth, the way you pray, the way you sing, the way you speak. It's a very powerful full moon of choice and whatever choice you make is right. There's no good or bad. It's just shining the light to eclipse some of the old emotional patterns, lunar eclipse and there's also some extraordinary astrological planetary allies. For this brave work Before the full moon eclipse this coming weekend, because we'll feel it very much building all of us will on some level. It's such a powerful eclipse is on Tuesday, october 24th. The sun trines, saturn at zero degrees of Scorpio and Pisces. That means the sun's just moving into Scorpio, it's leaving the territory of Libra. Remember, the sun is the conscious self and it helps to shine the light on our journey, our life journey and our world. Libra is a beautiful sign of balance and equalness and fairness and beauty. Beautiful, it's a mental sign. It's an air sign. Sun moves into Scorpio, which is a water sign. It's about deep feelings. When the sun moves into Scorpio for about a month, it's about the consciousness, the sun getting real, going deeper, hungry for transformation. And who does the sun meet? In an important way, just as it enters into Scorpio, saturn is a responsible one, the structure maker, the ethical one In its healthy expression. It's the one of us that's mature, it's the adult of us that says I'll do the work, I know what's mine to do and I know what's not mine to do. Saturn has been in Pisces for a couple of months, which is a water sign of compassion, empathy, intuitiveness, dreaming, visionary energy. When Saturn's in Pisces the next two years or so, there's this call to be responsible to our unconscious, material Pisces, to our intuition and particularly to our empathy and compassion. Saturn has been asking us to grow our capacity to be compassionate, empathetic beings. A trine means the two planets are 120 degrees away from each other. They're very harmonious with each other, they help each other. Sun steps in to Scorpio, says tag it, tag it. There's Saturn saying go into your depths of your emotional realness and truth telling and bring your compassion and your capacity to hold empathy and care for the suffering Again, not to get overwhelmed, not to take it all on, but to say let's get real here. This is also powerful because next week Saturn will be going forward in its orbit, so it's like a foreshadowing of this, like go forward with the power of your own compassion, roll up your sleeve, so to speak, and let your empathy and your tenderness and your deep vision lead the way. And then, during the Fulmin eclipse itself next weekend, there are three other planets that are holding a basket for the deep changes that are being asked for, and that is Venus in Virgo, trining Uranus in Taurus, trining Pluto in Capricorn. Now, I know that's a lot of astrology, so take a breath, my people who don't work a lot with astrology. You'll get the transmission of the archetypal opportunities here. This is called a grand trine. It means that three planets form an equilateral triangle in the heavens. They're very harmonious with each other. Venus, the lover, the relational one, the one that helps you know what has value, what has heart and meaning for you, is in Virgo, an earth sign of deep healing. When Venus is in Virgo, it says there's part of us that says in my relationships with self and other in the world, I want to notice what's broken, I want to notice what's out of alignment and bring it into wholeness, not as sacrificial service, not as rescue operations, but as I'm ready. I'm ready to make those deep, grounded changes. Uranus is the Maverick, the rebel, the Awakener, who says make some radical changes here, let's get to real authenticity. It's also in Taurus, this sign that has to do with groundedness and safety. Uranus has been in Taurus for a couple of years and it's been challenging us. Security stability is not what you think it is. We know this now this decade COVID, financial upheavals, injustice, craziness politically. There's no stability here in the normal way. Consensus reality is not what we think it is. Uranus has been changing us, calling us to say radically redefine what security is and how you steward resources. Become that 99% that stewards resources well, in a holy way. So that's going on. And then Pluto, the deep underworld transformation deity in Capricorn, finishing up its journey that it's been in Capricorn since 2008. This deep, systemic transmutation of the poisonous, toxic power structures, capricorn organizational structures, rules of engagement, power over the deepest poisonous parts of patriarchy and the industrial growth society. Pluto has been saying do you see? Do you see? Do you see the shit in the basement that has to be changed? Okay, grand trine, venus, be willing to heal and bring into wholeness your values and your relationships. Uranus keep radically waking up to what you think is security and stability is not there all. Come back to the earth. Come back to the earth and your own realness. Pluto and Capricorn, stop giving power to toxic, toxic external authorities and structures. Whoa, that's the basket holding us in this form and eclipse. Now all. That said, dear ones, take a big breath and keep taking big, grounding breaths through the whole week and ongoing. We're part of the change, whatever little, little change you can make in your consciousness and your paradigms. Wherever you can catch that unconscious impulse of resentment and I'm going to hoard and I'm going to attack because I feel unsafe get grounded. Make a prayer to your holy, healed ancestors. Help me to be aligned with the good, true and beautiful of the ancestors, that I might be part of the change of consciousness on the planet right now. So thank you for listening. The poem I want to offer you is called how the Light Comes, by Jan Richardson. How the light comes. I cannot tell you how the light comes. What I know is that it is more ancient than imagining, that it travels across an astonishing expanse to reach us, that it loves searching out what is hidden, what is lost, what is forgotten or in peril or in pain. That it has a fondness for the body, for finding its way toward flesh, for tracing the edges of form, for shining forth through the eye, the hand, the heart. I cannot tell you how the light comes, but that it does, that it will, that it works its way into the deepest dark that enfolds you, though it may seem long ages in coming or arrive in a shape you did not foresee. And so may we, this day, turn ourselves toward it. May we lift our faces to let it find us. May we bend our bodies to follow the arc it makes. May we open and open more and open still to the blessed light that comes so dear ones, this week, with this lunar full moon eclipse, whether you see it or not. May you lift your face towards it, may you follow the arc it makes. May you open to the light of the good, true, the ancestors, and let that shine forth through your eyes and your hands and your hearts. Thank you, I want to invite you to consider one of my offerings to my people this week that I'm bringing, which is a free five day challenge of mindset shifting practices. I call it break free of toxic smallness and for five days, for a short time, I'll give you some support to help you understand the roots of toxic smallness and all these wonderful practices you can do to shift it and to align with the power of your own inner wisdom, your own deep knowing. So if you're interested, go to my website on the edges of changecom. On the homepage right there you'll see a way to enroll. It's totally free. You're welcome to join me to support you, to break free of toxic smallness. Bless this journey. You have been listening to the astrology alchemy podcast with your host, sheila Belanger More research on the edges of changecom. Thank you for listening. It's your alchemical journey to embrace the gold of your true nature.

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