S2:E3 June Pride and Juneteenth: Black Lives Matter
Abolitionist Sanctuary
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Abolitionist Sanctuary
S2:E3 June Pride and Juneteenth: Black Lives Matter
Jun 03, 2024 Season 2 Episode 3

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Join Dr. Nika in a discussion with Patrisse Cullors, the co-founder of Black Lives Matter.  Cullors' journey will inspire you as she shares how her maternal lineage and ancestral experiences with religion and systemic oppression fuel her art and activism. One standout moment is her collaboration with designer Rita Nazarino on the North Star bag collection, a project that combines traditional hand weaving with potent abolitionist symbolism inspired by Underground Railroad quilt patterns. Enhancing the narrative is a poignant poem by formerly incarcerated Black poet Nisi Berry, making these bags a canvas for abolitionist expression and future.
 Our conversation takes you through the transformative power of embracing West African spiritual traditions, particularly Ifa, through the influence of Malidoma Patrice Somé's seminal book, "The Healing Wisdom of Africa." We delve into a moving case study from Malawi, as Ida Puliwa's  work in her village to empower girls highlights the synergy between mutual aid and community resilience against patriarchal oppression that makes the African diaspora  instructive  for building abolitionist futures in the U.S.. Additionally, we examine the intertwined histories of African indigenous religions and political movements, underscoring how practices like Voodoo, Candomblé, and Orishas have historically fortified Black power and resistance. These reflections are deeply personal, drawing connections between abolition and the Cullors' own family encounters with carceral systems.
 Our discussion pivots to the critical role of healing justice, particularly in the context of the Los Angeles County jail system. Spearheaded by concepts championed by Cara Page, we emphasize the necessity of healing justice services to support continually traumatized communities. Shifting the focus from individual self-care to collective care, we outline systemic changes vital for addressing the deep scars racism inflicts on Black health and well-being. We also touch on the delicate balance of activism and motherhood, revealing the often overlooked physical and emotional toll borne by those on the front lines. Wrapping up, we discuss the crucial role of artists in the struggle for abolition and reimagining a more just and equitable world.

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