Special Stage Rally Podcast
A new home! An update on where you'll find us 🎧
A new home! An update on where you'll find us 🎧 1:13 The leading ex-pat Irishman in Aussie rallying (feat. Richie Dalton) 25:45 Australians at Rally Sweden: a history 21:50 Monte Carlo looms as a cracker! Who wins? 21:41 The long road to the Dakar Rally (feat. Glenn Brinkman) 34:00 DustTrails Preview: Chris Atkinson 11:59 Moving the Adelaide Rally forward (feat. Tim Possingham) 34:28 Getting to Know: Tim Possingham 13:00 FIA Rally Star and the next Estonian name (feat. Romet Jürgenson) 26:03 Getting to Know: Romet Jürgenson 11:31 Reminiscing on how we used to get rally updates 28:09 Interview: Harry Bates, the new Australian Rally Champion 31:31 Getting to Know: Harry Bates 9:12 The Canberra ARC finish we could only dream of 24:19 Adventures on the Sunraysia Safari (feat. Sam Hill) 29:56 A championship fight at full throttle (feat. Daniel Gonzalez) 25:57 Getting to Know: Daniel Gonzalez 15:58 An Australian Rally Championship update (feat. Adrian Coppin) 23:24 Moments from South Australia's ARC history (feat. Jeremy Browne) 22:29 A Chile recap and remembering the Rally of Melbourne 28:21 Catching up on New Zealand rallying (feat. Blair Bartels) 34:46 Co-driving tips from one of the best (feat: Rhianon Gelsomino) 46:38 We chat Acropolis rain and Canberra's trip back in time 28:42 Transitioning from Supercars to rallying (feat. Alex Rullo) 32:01 The former champion on his ARC return (feat. Scott Pedder) 32:47