Stand out in the crowd with a unique point of view
The Demand Gen Fix
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The Demand Gen Fix
Stand out in the crowd with a unique point of view
Feb 23, 2023 Season 1 Episode 7
GrowthMode Marketing

A unique point of view is the story you tell in the market to drive awareness, build trust and ultimately build demand for your products and services. It is about finding an angle that your company can stand behind – that is different than what prospects are hearing from competitors.

You are not necessarily re-inventing the wheel. It is likely that the thoughts for a unique point of view already lives in the minds of your team. The key is to dig deep and find the story that will resonate with your ideal customer profile. 

Check out this episode of The Demand Gen Fix to learn how a unique point of view helps you break through the clutter and stand out in the market. 

If the story is good, they’ll follow along. And if those prospects that follow along buy into your unique viewpoint – they’ll also be more likely to buy your product or service when they are ready. 

[00:00] Show intro

[00:22] Today’s topic: standing out from the crowd

[06:20] How do you stand out without a big budget?

[07:47] A unique point of view vs. message positioning

[12:17] If your product isn’t differentiated, how can you stand out from competitors

[13:58] If a unique point of view is different from message positioning, how is it defined?

[15:39] What a unique point of view should accomplish

[19:08] How do you define your point of view?

[22:28] Key takeaways

[22:53] Outro

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