Finding the low hanging fruit: Uncovering in-market leads for revenue growth
The Demand Gen Fix
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The Demand Gen Fix
Finding the low hanging fruit: Uncovering in-market leads for revenue growth
May 25, 2023 Season 1 Episode 20
GrowthMode Marketing

You’re working on a demand gen marketing strategy that speaks to your company’s buyers across funnel stages. It has key themes and messages you think will resonate with buyers like never before. Then, your email pings. It’s a meeting request from Sales. Yup, they need more leads.  

It’s the classic squeeze. How do you strike the right balance between tackling low hanging fruit, targeting in-market buyers, and building a demand generation strategy that gives you a long game? 

In this episode, our conversation is about the readiness of buyers in your total addressable market. The vast majority aren’t ready to buy. If that’s the case and you’re spending most of your time on short term lead gen marketing, what strategies can move you toward demand creation? How do you avoid getting caught in the “we need more leads” fire drill? Listen to insightful ideas, real examples, and pragmatic possibilities from experts who know the drill — but have answers that get you out of a vicious cycle. 

[00:00] Show intro 

[00:23] Low hanging fruit: The 5% ready to buy

[01:42] Marketing during “recession/not a recession” times

[05:38] Focusing on middle and bottom of funnel

[08:40] Kicking up leads when you need them yesterday

[25:54] Buyer intent triggers

[27:52] Key takeaway 

[29:08] Outro 

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