How random acts of marketing limit growth potential
The Demand Gen Fix
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The Demand Gen Fix
How random acts of marketing limit growth potential
Nov 20, 2023 Season 1 Episode 40
GrowthMode Marketing

The biggest threat to your growth and revenue goals is letting random acts of marketing dominate how your company goes to market. It’s the result of letting the loudest or most powerful voices win over a well-conceived plan that connects activities and executes a strategy backed by customer analysis and tested marketing methods. 

It's truly a trap you need to figure out how to get out of, which means addressing it with leaders who may be unwittingly derailing more strategic efforts. You need to offer rationale on why a more enlightened approach is the answer to driving better results. 

Luckily you’re here! In this episode we dig into how random marketing cycles devour precious time—and how to shift away from it. Listen now to hear insights from the GrowthMode team and grab some knowledge to help you build your case for a better way forward.  

00:20 | Introduction
01:55 | Prioritize marketing activities based on strategy
03:36 | Why you need a strategic perspective when responding to requests
07:29 | Examples of random acts of marketing
08:33 | The impact of inconsistent execution and lack of scheduling
11:19 | The negative effects of switching direction
12:27 | Why you need consistency
15:32 | Reasons random acts of marketing happen
16:57 | The consequences
18:07 | How to eliminate this and refocus
19:32 | Key takeaway: Stay focused and intentional 
19:44 | Conclusion

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