The product marketing perspective: Breaking through the crowded HR tech market
The Demand Gen Fix
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The Demand Gen Fix
The product marketing perspective: Breaking through the crowded HR tech market
Feb 26, 2024 Season 1 Episode 49
GrowthMode Marketing

The HR tech market is extremely crowded – and many brands get lost in the sea of sameness. Defining your differentiation is a critical step to breaking through the clutter. But how do you go about it?

This is often the job of product marketing. Listen to this episode to hear from guest Noelle Bloomfield, senior director of product marketing at HR tech company, Gloat. We talk about the important role of product marketing in gathering market insights, aligning strategy and building out message positioning to differentiate form the competition. Hear why she believes a test and learn approach is important to ultimately creating more value for customers by constantly iterating based on market changes.   

00:20   The important role of product marketing in the HR tech industry
01:17   Integrating product marketing and aligning with other teams
03:31   Quarterbacking the go-to-market journey to connect with buyers
08:00   How to stand out in a crowded market through differentiation
12:24   How to build a product marketing team designed to align with other teams
15:35   How to prioritize and focus
18:23   Why the buyer’s journey needs to be personal to connect more effectively
21:24   Continuous learning is key in product marketing
23:38   Why product marketing is a connector helping to drive better business results

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