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Jazz For Peace Founder Rick DellaRatta

January 05, 2023 Paul G Newton Season 1 Episode 1
Paul G's Corner
Jazz For Peace Founder Rick DellaRatta
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Show Notes

This is a podcast where anyone and everyone gets a voice. Our program, “things I want to know,” dives into subjects that are not well-known or professions that elude our everyday ho-hum lives.

Because it is so specified in the topics that cover the fringe of modern life, many interesting people are waiting in line to tell their story only to be usurped by something that we have never heard of.

To give these good people a voice, and because I like to talk to everyone and the fact that Andrea is always putting me in time-out in the corner, I decided to do this show.
Jazz for Peace rose from the ashes of the horrifying tragedy of 9/11, starting with a
poem written by acclaimed Jazz Pianist, Vocalist, Composer, and Founder Rick DellaRatta that was written witnessing those very events on a rooftop less than a quarter of a mile away from Ground Zero on that fateful morning.

Nigerian Armed Forces radio debuts Rick DellaRatta’s free J.A. part 12 (first ever a cappella rendition!).
The second video from Jazz for Peace Nigeria: Jazz for Peace™ feat. Rick DellaRatta plays “Free J A”,  “Ruby My Dear”, “Stop & Smell The Roses”. 
Third video from Jazz for Peace Nigeria: Rick DellaRatta - Jazzman:
Rick DellaRatta Live in Nigeria! Moon & Sand ~
More about Rick DellaRatta & Jazz for Peace™
Excerpt from:

Here are just a few of many informative articles which detail our inception:


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