The Root of The Matter

Release Your Fascia to Improve Oral Health

February 01, 2023 Dr. Rachaele Carver, D.M.D. Board-Certified, Biologic, Naturopathic Dentist Season 1 Episode 3
The Root of The Matter
Release Your Fascia to Improve Oral Health
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Welcome to your body's amazing fascia!

'Fascia is a thin casing of connective tissue that surrounds and holds every organ, blood vessel, bone, nerve fiber, and muscle in place. The tissue does more than provide internal structure; fascia has nerves that make it almost as sensitive as skin.'


In this episode, Dr. Carver interviews Kalei Tompkins as they explore the relationship between oral health, fascia, and how to create whole body health in yourself and your children. 

Kalei is CPR Certified, Yoga Certified by the American Fitness Association, a Certified Life Coach by Transformation Academy, a Certified Loss Doula by SBD University, & a Movement Instructor, CFT Facilitator & Owner of Movement Matters Healing Arts. 

Kalie's gift is understanding movement and how to release fascia in our body for excellent full-body healing results. She found a passion for facilitating healing through fascial unwinding using the Gillespie Approach (formerly known as CFT) 

Kalei was trained in this form of bodywork in North Carolina with the creator, Berry Gillespie himself. 

This is where she learned the art & science of movement through the fascia and the unwinding process. Being a dancer, it made sense to Kalie, not only in her mind but in her body too, and she knew in her cells she was destined to share this with the community. 

This is how she found her mission in life: 

"It is my mission & passion to bring movement and understanding of the fascia to the community so we can feel free and comfortable in our minds and bodies.” 


In this episode, Dr. Carver and Kalei dive deep into how you can multiply oral health care results by using fascia release processes. 

Learn DIY techniques from Kalie and what you should do to help your children grow and be as healthy as possible. 

In the immortal words of Albert Einstein: 

"Nothing changes until something moves." 


1:00 - What is fascia? 

4:00 - How tension gets stored in your body and what you can do to help release it. 

12:00 - How to ensure braces are more effective in children and adults. Special DIY techniques to release the stress from braces on your fascia and sinus systems. 

15:00 - Learn fascial unwinding and how it can transform your health and longevity. 

25:00 - How your fascia facilitates the lymph processes in your body to help build your immune system and more. 

32:00 - Techniques you can do at home to release your fascia and to improve your health. 

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