Ilana Shabtay: Get More Customers To Buy Your Vehicles
The Dealer Playbook
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The Dealer Playbook
Ilana Shabtay: Get More Customers To Buy Your Vehicles
Nov 10, 2022 Episode 526
Michael Cirillo

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Ilana Shabtay is an expert in digital marketing, AI, and the automotive industry; she is also an inventor and growth hacker. Skilled in Public Speaking, Customer Relationship Management, Social Media, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Excellent community and social services professional with a Barnard College BA in Psychology and Neuroscience.

In this episode, Ilana shares her thoughts on what it takes to be a great marketing leader and the emotional triggers that go hand in hand with effective marketing tactics.

Every decision we make is influenced by emotions, both conscious and unconscious. When creating effective marketing materials, an in-depth understanding of emotional triggers can go a long way. The majority of us share the same fundamental mental triggers that motivate action. Understanding these triggers and how to position them to achieve the appropriate response is crucial in marketing.

Customer experience marketing is placing the consumer at the center of your company's marketing strategy and promoting the usage and acceptance of your products and services to meet customer needs. The concept is straightforward: customers will become your strongest advocates if they enjoy their interactions with your business throughout the whole customer journey. If your consumers are satisfied, they will refer you to their friends, family, and coworkers. These long-term benefits for your organization include increased brand loyalty, enhanced client retention, and increased net income.

We tend to look at things throughout if we just stopped and realized that, We can leverage Technology, we can leverage in-store experience. We can leverage our people and empower ourselves and our people. If we started focusing on the right things, perhaps, just maybe. We won't be so worried about surviving through economic downturns, and we will actually thrive like those rare few who really do thrive during seasons, like what we're all going through with high inflation and interest rates and all those sorts of things.

There have been concerns about employment losses due to the rising use of machinery/automation with dealers. With each new breakthrough, someone has faced the possibility of irreversible changes to their standard of living or way of life, and dealers were extremely scared that it would take over their jobs. "first of all, Technology's coming, whether dealers like it or not.

So they might as well figure out a way to make it more efficient. Meaning anyone who's using Technology, it should just make their processes more efficient. Um, and I think that should be our, we should educate on that so that dealers have a more positive relationship, and I think we're getting there, but a positive relationship with innovation."

Ilana talks about CDP and why dealers should use it - A customer data platform, often known as a CDP, provides a centralized data platform with a comprehensive view of the customer's behavior and insights. It lets you save your consumer data securely across several channels, mediums, and touchpoints. As automobile marketing enters a new era, dealers must utilize CDXP technology. In addition to consolidating dealership data, it improves the shopping experience for prospective purchasers. Internalizing your marketing with AI-powered CDXPs is an excellent way to enter this new era.

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