Paul Daly & Kyle Mountsier: The Rebirth Of The Automotive Conference
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The Dealer Playbook
Paul Daly & Kyle Mountsier: The Rebirth Of The Automotive Conference
Jul 21, 2022 Episode 510
Michael Cirillo

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Paul Daly and Kyle Mountsier (ASOTU) join the pod to talk about some really exciting projects they have in the works, one of which is an exciting new podcast called Auto Collabs hosted by Paul, Kyle, and Michael Cirillo. They are on an adventure to bring the rebirth of the automotive conference coming September 2022 in Philadelphia.

What we discuss in this episode:

  • Paul and Kyle share how they ended up collaborating and how that venture ended up becoming a beacon in the retail automobile industry. Their goal is to create a community and space where purposeful conversations can happen — conversations that move the industry forward.
  • Michael, Paul, and Kyle met up in Philly to record episodes of the all-new podcast called Auto Collabs. Despite all hosting their shows, it was important for the trio to share fresh perspectives rooted in meaningful conversations with their list of amazing guests.
  • The goal of creating content is to help the industry move into a new era of collaboration. Historically, vendors have stuck together, and dealers have stuck together. We believe the real magic and growth happen when everyone communicates about important issues outside of the silos.
  • Paul and Kyle share some exciting details about the upcoming ASOTU CON or the "rebirth" of the automotive conference. Michael was fortunate to see some behind-the-scenes details of how exciting the event will be.

Listen to the full episode for more insights and context from Kyle Mountsier and Paul Daly.

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Thanks, Paul and Kyle!

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