Amberly Allen: Save 75% On Dealership Credit Card Processing Fees
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The Dealer Playbook
Amberly Allen: Save 75% On Dealership Credit Card Processing Fees
May 19, 2022 Episode 499
Michael Cirillo

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Amberly Allen is the CEO of Dealer Merchant Services, a firm that is helping car dealers save up to 75% on their credit card processing fees. In this episode of the Dealer Playbook, Michael and Amberly explore how dealers can save thousands of dollars per month by reframing the way they handle credit card processing.

How Car Dealers Can Save 75% on Credit Card Processing Fees:

00:53 - Jokingly Michael and Amberly laugh about how this is probably the least sexy topic to ever be discussed on the show, but at the end of the day, what's sexier in business than keeping more money in your pockets?

01:57 - Amberly got her start selling direct mail to dealers and eventually started her own digital agency. During her time building the agency she started hearing about how much car dealers were spending on credit card processing and she determined to find a solution.

03:06 - When making any changes to how credit cards are processed, it's important to find a solution that is both legal and won't destroy CSI.

05:49 - For every $100 dollar that gets spent, $2 dollars of that goes to credit card processing fees. Credit card processors don't want you to know that there are limits to how much they can charge so they're not in the current hardware that many dealers typically have in the showroom.

07:49 - Amberly encourages car dealers to look at how much they are spending on fees and question whether or not it's necessary.

Listen to the full episode for even more insights and context about providing a killer customer car shopping/buying experience.

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