Danny Benites: How To Get The Most Out Of Car Dealer Conferences
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The Dealer Playbook
Danny Benites: How To Get The Most Out Of Car Dealer Conferences
May 01, 2014 Episode 6
Michael Cirillo

When it comes to running and or owning a automotive dealership, monitoring your ROI is crucial to a successful operation. When you are buying more internet leads, doing a direct mail campaign, or switching website providers ROI always comes up in the conversation. Ever notice that? Where you do not hear a lot of “ROI” talk though is when you hear about the workshops, 20 Groups, seminars, trade shows etc.


In this episode of The Dealer Playbook the boys sit down with funny man and 30 year plus automotive industry veteren, Danny Benites. Danny is the General Manager of Greg Lair Buick GMC of Amarillo Texas, and he has created some resources and techniques to get the most out of the automotive workshops, seminars, etc. You know, track an ROI?


A dealer will spend 2-5 thousand on attending or sending a team member to a automotive conference. Do you ever track the ROI of that investment, because it is not cheap. Combine the money for travel, hotel, tickets to the workshop, food, etc. plus the time away from the dealership to attend, you end up with a lot of “skin in the game” to much in fact to not have a plan.  


In this episode you will learn more about:


How to choose the right team member to attend educational events

Choosing the right automotive event to attend

Narrowing in on what parts of your operation your looking to bring home “nuggets for”

How to retain the “ideas” you get at the workshop, and how to structure your idea lists/notes

How to take your ideas back to the dealership and get buy in whether your the top dog decision maker and you need to get your team on board or a sales manager, GM, etc and need to get your dealer to buy in

That and much more Danny talks about that will get you and your the team the most out automotive educational events. This guy knows what he is talking about.


Here are the links for the work sheets Danny refers to that lay out the plan for you: Danny's Worksheets


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