Harness Data for Marketing Success
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The Dealer Playbook
Harness Data for Marketing Success
Sep 28, 2023
Michael Cirillo

In this episode I had the opportunity to sit down and chat with Michael Heidner, who holds the position of Vice President of Analytics and Business Intelligence at Foundation Direct as well as Ben Yehle, who is the Measurement Lead at the Foundation.

During our discussion we delved into the intricacies of analytics and explored how data driven decision making is shaping the evolving landscape.

What We Discuss In The Episode:

1. Have you ever pondered how success in the industry goes beyond car sales?

2. Are you curious about the vast amount of data that can be found in digital automotive showrooms?

3. Would you like to understand how adopting a perspective on data analytics can redefine your dealerships measures of success?

If any of these questions have sparked your curiosity then get ready for an experience. This episode focuses on demystifying data analytics and equipping you with tools to navigate this realm effectively.

The Significance Of Digital Showrooms

Our conversation shifts towards discussing how important digital showrooms are, within the world of automobiles.

Mike stressed the importance of dealership websites pointing out that they receive a 700 visits making them a crucial point of contact, for potential customers. However the real key to success lies in understanding which touchpoints truly have an impact on the customers journey.

During our discussion Mike and Ben shared insights on how data analytics can help dealerships analyze customer behavior track their significant touchpoints and optimize their online strategies accordingly. The ultimate goal is to ensure that dealerships effectively capture leads and drive sales using data driven approaches.

Transitioning from Uncertainty to Clarity

One aspect that emerged from our conversation was the pressing need for transparency in analytics. The industry has long operated in ambiguity when it comes to measuring marketing success. Fortunately times are changing.

Mike and Ben encouraged dealerships to embrace a start with Google Analytics 4 (GA4). This clean slate provides dealerships with an opportunity to redefine success metrics and develop strategies based on what matters to them. It's a chance for them to move away, from practices and embrace a future driven by data.If you've ever wondered how to go beyond measuring success solely based on car sales or how to effectively utilize the abundance of data at your disposal this episode serves as your guide, for navigating the future of measurement in the industry.

Listen to the full episode for insights and context from Michael Heidner & Ben Yehle! 

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Thanks, Michael Heidner & Ben Yehle!

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