Disruptive Forces: The Road Ahead
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The David Spisak Show
Disruptive Forces: The Road Ahead
Apr 16, 2024
David Spisak

In this episode, I engage in a dynamic discussion with my esteemed guests, Geoffrey Pohanka, chairman of both the NADA and Pohanka Auto Group, Chase Fraser, Managing Partner at FM Capital, and Ron, covering a range of critical topics shaping the automotive industry.

What We Discuss In This Episode:

We delve into the transformative impact of electric vehicles (EVs) on the market, exploring regulatory challenges, consumer demand, and the competitive landscape. Geoffrey provides valuable insights into the evolving dynamics of EV adoption and the implications for traditional OEMs in a rapidly changing industry landscape.

Chase Fraser discusses dealers' growing role in driving technological innovation. Chase shares insights into dealers' increasing interest in tech solutions, the rise of dealer investors in startups, and the importance of scalable solutions for optimizing dealership workflows. We explore the potential of AI and workflow optimization to enhance operational efficiency and customer experiences in the dealership environment.

Ron analyzes Amazon's foray into automotive retail and its potential impact on traditional dealership models. We discuss the significance of strategic business development and the need for dealers to adapt to emerging trends and consumer preferences. Ron offers valuable perspectives on seizing opportunities in a rapidly evolving industry landscape, emphasizing the importance of embracing change and leveraging innovation to drive sustainable growth. Throughout the episode, my guests provide actionable insights and expertise, offering listeners valuable perspectives on navigating the future of automotive retail.

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