Business Blasphemy

EP25: Authentic Marketing & Making Social Media Work with Stephanie Mead

June 27, 2023 Sarah Khan and Stephanie Mead Season 1 Episode 25
Business Blasphemy
EP25: Authentic Marketing & Making Social Media Work with Stephanie Mead
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Show Notes

Well you're in for a treat! This week we've got the one-and-only Stephanie Mead, digital marketing maestro, on the mic! She's here to tell it like it should be on keeping it real in the marketing world and how to ditch those tired-a$$ perfectionist tendencies. If social media is your main marketing vehicle, you DO NOT want to miss this episode.

In this episode, you'll discover:

  1. How the online space has become a playground for the perfection-obsessed and what you can do to stand out without losing your sanity
  2. People make the world go round - and your marketing efforts too. Find out how a people-centric approach can positively impact your success
  3. The secret sauce for content? Test, tweak, and triumph! Learn why trying out your content consistently for a month can be a game-changer
  4. Remember that group of loyal fans you've been nurturing? Learn how and why doubling down on your existing community can lead to mega growth
  5. Get the truth about why keeping things realistic is the secret ingredient to ethical business practices 

And a whole lot more (including what the algorithm REALLY looks for)! 

Guest Bio: 
Stephanie Mead of Stephanie Mead Creative.
"I do marketing and other shit..but mostly marketing."

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