Business Blasphemy

EP29: Busting Out of a Rut: Kick Default-Mode to the Curb

July 25, 2023 Sarah Khan Season 1 Episode 29
Business Blasphemy
EP29: Busting Out of a Rut: Kick Default-Mode to the Curb
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Show Notes

Do you ever find yourself in "default mode"?

Let me backtrack...It's no secret that corporate programming runs deep.

I admit, with zero shame, that sometimes when things get tough I default to working harder because it's something I can control -- and I know I'm not alone.

This week, I share a technique that I have used to help me shift my perspective when I feel myself diving deeper and deeper into work as a way to distract myself from other things -- only to find when I no longer need to distract myself, I'm entrenched in the bad habit of equating productivity with worthiness.

Here is my 5-step audit, a process I go through regularly but especially when I need to recalibrate, when things feel overwhelming, or when I feel stuck.

Step 1: Make a gratitude and celebration list
Step 2: Give yourself some loving truth bombs
Step 3: Check your goals
Step 4: Re-evaluate your habits
Step 5: Make a ditch list

Want more info? Tune into this week's episode.

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