Artfully Mindful

Interview with Dr. Jerome Freedman

September 18, 2023 D. R. Thompson Season 1 Episode 38
Artfully Mindful
Interview with Dr. Jerome Freedman
Show Notes

In this podcast, I interview long-time meditator Dr. Jerome Freedman as he details his extraordinary journey from his first spontaneous meditation experience at age five all the way through his studies with illumined teachers such as Swami Rama, Shri Rajneesh, Father Eli, Thich Nhat Hanh, Gabriel Roth, and Helen Palmer. This eventually led to his recent studies in mindfulness with Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach. Having gone through a personal healing journey with both himself and his son, Jerome is a living testament to the power of meditation and healing. Dr. Freedman has authored seven books regarding meditation and mindfulness and currently leads a mindfulness meditation sangha in the Bay Area. For more information on how to buy Dr. Freedman's books and work with him, make sure to visit his websites and

Jerome's contact info:
C:  415-299-0428

Music by Okaya - 'Textures'.

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