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1st Class Educator: a Conversation with Consultant Locha

May 17, 2023 Season 1 Episode 7
Making the Grade Podcast
1st Class Educator: a Conversation with Consultant Locha
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Show Notes

EP 007 | From the moment we connected with Locha, we could just feel her passion. After a decade in the classroom as an English Language Arts teacher, Locha realized that her goals for herself and how she wanted to impact the education world needed to shift. And she is now doing the work…bringing school communities together by having critical conversations about the diverse history of all people, sharing their stories & uncovering how this affects the current ways we relate to each other.

Calling it “the largest class project that I have ever participated in”, Locha created the internationally recognized consulting organization, 1st Class Educators LLC. She specializes in staff development and enjoys assisting organizations and educators with providing strategically aligned culturally responsive practices.

From Starbucks hacks to dissecting generational ideas of race, Locha is truly making waves in not only the education community, but also the larger networks of those being impacted from this profound work. This episode covers diversity and equity practices, tangible resources for staff development  & the importance of loving what you do (“you gotta be happy!”) . If you are looking for a fresh perspective from a fellow (homeschool) teacher & renowned consultant, look no further!

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Link to Locha’s Consulting Program:

Book Locha reference: “Everyday Antiracism: Getting Real about Race in School” by Mica Pollock

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