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Behavior Analaysis: a Conversation with BCBA, Ben

September 06, 2023 Season 1 Episode 15
Making the Grade Podcast
Behavior Analaysis: a Conversation with BCBA, Ben
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Show Notes

EP 015 | Behavior Analysis: a Conversation with BCBA, Ben

We hear so frequently about student behaviors interfering with learning in the classroom, but what can we do to help stop this growing problem? On this next episode of Making the Grade podcast, Georgia & Christine chat with BCBA Ben about how his journey in studying behavior analysis led him across the country and truly finding his passion. After finishing his graduate degree in Boston, Ben moved to California and has held many different roles in schools, home settings and 1:1 sessions.  

This conversation covers it all: from Ben’s practical advice for navigating students with challenging behaviors to some wild classroom stories and the correct acronyms to describe neurodiverse learners. He makes diffusing physical altercations sound like a piece of cake & reminds us all to have a sense of humor in our jobs and day to day!

Ben leads with empathy in all areas: for his students, for his families, and for the educators working with his students implementing his behavior plans. This episode brings up topics ranging from using humor to diffuse high stress situations, to the principles of ABA, & how finding something that “you could talk about all day long” is the true indicator of finding happiness in your daily life. Listen in for more!

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