The emPOWERed Half Hour

Episode 6: Visibility for Professional and Personal Growth with Susan Barber

March 05, 2023 Becca Powers Season 1 Episode 6
The emPOWERed Half Hour
Episode 6: Visibility for Professional and Personal Growth with Susan Barber
Show Notes

It’s human nature to feel insecure and question our worth. In fact, not a day goes by where we are clouded with negative thoughts of unworthiness and not being enough.

How can we prove ourselves worthy? Worthy not just of the job title or position we hold, but even the success we are enjoying in our careers.

In a competitive environment like the workplace, there are times when we are afraid to speak our minds because when we do, our peers and colleagues might not understand, recognize or acknowledge our thoughts and actions.

This is a sign of invisibility in the workplace that can lower your self-esteem.

Remember: no one is perfect. We are all lacking in our own ways, and recognizing our flaws and imperfections is a brave first step towards becoming a better version of yourself. While it may seem simple or little, shifting your mindset can make a world of difference.

That is why I am delighted to have Susan Barber with me in this episode. She shares her story: from being invisible in the workplace to finally becoming seen - and now a successful author and a podcast host. She is passionate about creating a visibility movement in the workplace to bring out people's skills to the fullest.

Visibility is a work in progress. You might not see it in you now, but with the right support system, it would come out of you. And with people like Susan leading the way, the future looks bright for those who are ready to make their voices heard.  Who knows? You might also become one of the successful people who would share their story and inspire others someday!

Thoughts to Empower:

  • “You don’t have to be like everybody else, and you can do it in small simple steps.” - Susan Barber
  • “With visibility comes the responsibility to lead and check in on people and make sure people are okay. You can't have visibility without psychological safety. You just can't.” - Susan Barber
  • “Start to look at yourself and the great things that you've already done and how you can use and show those off a bit more so that people can see you.” - Susan Barber

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Susan’s backstory and how she came up with the idea for her work, “The Visibility Factor”
  • How her self-discovery helped her visibility at work and at home
  • How fulfillment comes from the acceptance of our uniqueness
  • Being exposed to and overcoming Imposter Syndrome
  • How to improve visibility in your space authentically
  • Handling introverts in a workplace as a leader
  • Importance of an inspiration to boost self-confidence

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