How we remember, why we forget | Anthony Wagner
From Our Neurons to Yours
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From Our Neurons to Yours
How we remember, why we forget | Anthony Wagner
May 16, 2024 Season 4 Episode 4
Wu Tsai Neurosciences Institute, Nicholas Weiler, Anthony Wagner

At some point in our lives, we all struggle with memory — learning a new name, remembering that book you were reading just yesterday or that word on the tip of your tongue.

So what can neuroscience teach us about why we remember, why we forget, and how we might even improve our memories?

To answer this question, I spoke with neuroscientist Anthony Wagner, a memory expert in Stanford's Department of Psychology.

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Wagner lab website

  • Recent lab publications
  • Anthony's new book: Brain Sciences for Lawyers, Judges, and Policymakers (2024). Jones, O. D., Schall, J. D., Shen, F. X., Hoffman, M. B., & Wagner, A. D. Oxford University Press. Order

Stress thwarts our ability to plan ahead by disrupting how we use memory, Stanford study finds (Stanford News 2020)

Stanford researchers link poor memory to attention lapses and media multitasking (Stanford News, 2020)

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