The Fatigue Files

Fatigue and Transfiguration — With Ava Dasya Rasa

November 18, 2023 HypnoCatalyst — Anna Grear Season 1 Episode 21
The Fatigue Files
Fatigue and Transfiguration — With Ava Dasya Rasa
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Show Notes

In this episode of the podcast, Anna speaks with Ava Dasya Rasa, Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Transpersonal Psychotherapist specialising in Trauma, Grief, and Contemplative Spirituality and Renewal.  Ava is also an author, poet, speaker, teacher, and spiritual director.  In this rich conversation, Anna and Ava first explore Ava's own journey with chronic and serious illness, before discussing trauma, the brain (especially a healing modality called brainspotting) and transfigurative transformation.

Ava's website is here:

And her book Transfiguration: 30 Meditations Inspired by Transforming Trauma and  Spirituality can be found here:

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