The Mischief Movement Podcast

5.Combining your passions to create your dream job with Clare Alexander

February 27, 2023 Zoe Greenhalf Season 1 Episode 5
The Mischief Movement Podcast
5.Combining your passions to create your dream job with Clare Alexander
Show Notes

This episode could also have been called 'How to work in the fashion industry on YOUR terms' or 'why it's OK to be a multi passionate' or even 'how being fully YOU is your biggest asset!' Clare Alexander, a Fashion Brand Consultant, and I discuss all of these points as well as what it's like when you (finally) pass your motorbike test! If you've ever felt like a misfit at work, been curious about the fashion industry or just wondered how on earth you can align your varied interests and turn them into a career, you'll be inspired when you hear that it's not only entirely possible, but often the exact thing that ends up setting you apart from the competition...

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