69 - Hustle, Mentors, & Marketing with Travis Apple
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Sports Marketing Machine Podcast
69 - Hustle, Mentors, & Marketing with Travis Apple
May 22, 2024 Season 1 Episode 69
Jeremy Neisser

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Travis Apple, Chief Revenue Officer at Logitix and host of the 52 Weeks of Hustle podcast, joins Jeremy Neisser on the Sports Marketing Machine podcast. They discuss the importance of giving back and the value of mentorship in the sports industry. 

Travis shares insights from his podcast guests, emphasizing the need for hustle and the impact of building relationships. They also discuss the perception of sales in the industry and the importance of creating a positive fan experience. 

Travis talks about the future of ticket sales, including the focus on flexibility and creating unique experiences. He also mentions his book, 'Hustle Your Way to Success in Sports Sales,' which provides a blueprint for success in the industry.


  • Giving back and helping others is a key aspect of success in the sports industry.
  • Building relationships and finding mentors can greatly impact career growth and development.
  • Hustle and hard work are essential for success in sports marketing.
  • Creating a positive fan experience and focusing on flexibility and unique experiences are important in ticket sales.


00:00 - Introduction and Background
02:04 - Hustle and Hard Work
05:07 - Mentorship and Building Relationships
08:10 - Sales and Consulting
13:17 - Improving Ticket Sales
16:12 - The Future of Ticket Sales
22:04 - Conclusion and Takeaways

Travis the CRO for Logitix
The 52 Weeks of Hustle Podcast
Travis' Book:  Hustle Your Way to $ucce$$ in Sports Sales: Playbook to Being Elite in the Sports Business Industry (AMAZON)

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