if it be your will

Podcast #6 • Slow Fiction

March 04, 2023 colleyc Season 1 Episode 6
if it be your will
Podcast #6 • Slow Fiction
Show Notes

Slow Fiction is an up and coming indie rock outfit with sparkling shoegaze laces. I caught up with them from their cozy apartment/practice space in Brooklyn NY, where we talked about their latest self-title EP Slow Fiction and their coming of age in the challenging music industry. On the cusp of a tour, a new EP and finding their bands identity, Slow Fiction shared some stories of their past and where they wanna go as a band. As the world slowly starts up again after the pandemic Slow Fiction are a band to watch ❤️ 

Vocals - Julia Vassallo
Guitar - Joseph Skimmons
Guitar - Paul Knepple
Bass - Ryan Duffin
Drums - Akiva Henig https://akivahenig.com/#/

Be sure to listen at the end of the podcast for their latest single from their new EP entitled, In the distance, where it doesn​’​t matter