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Security Circle Podcast Episode 4 Claire Humble discusses Transformation in the UK Security Industry

January 26, 2023 Season 1 Episode 4
The Security Circle
Security Circle Podcast Episode 4 Claire Humble discusses Transformation in the UK Security Industry
Show Notes

We couldn't wait to speak to Claire Humble to find out why transformation in the UK Security Industry is so important.  It's fair to say,  there is a lot of great content here around real progressive security leadership, and Claire is a wonderful advocate when it comes to singing about the best that the Security Industry can offer. 

Claire say's "We've got to really cast off those shackles of being a legacy security service where we just look at buildings, walk around buildings, lock some doors and close windows with so much more than that and we can add so much more value" 

About Claire Humble

Advancing to senior leadership level in Cleveland and New Zealand Police, Claire has transitioned over to the corporate world, co-founding a Safety & Security Consultancy, Learning and Development and SMART business, Nuxform. As an accomplished transformational change agent, Claire has positively impacted many organisations' culture, people, and processes, nationally and globally. 

An engaging speaker who captivates multicultural audiences, presenting on topics that resonate with others, such as ‘Transformational Change within Security Sector’, she is frequently invited to attend webinars as a panel member. She holds a Master’s in International Security that complements her vast experience in security, risk and resilience. Advocating Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, Claire sits on multiple ED&I working groups in renowned international security institutes.

  • A versatile senior executive with over 30 years’ experience blazing a trail for advancement of Equality, Diversity & Inclusion (ED&I), transformation and cultural change within global safety and security agendas. Passionate and ethical leader, well versed in speaking across multicultural and global landscapes, building resilience and enriching lives.
  • Transforms business cultures and delivers modern and contemporary results. Spearheads transformational change spanning people, process and technology. Introduces smarter ways of working and embraces innovation.
  • Advises senior level stakeholders and influences decision-makers. Provides a wealth of knowledge and insight relating to security, risk and resilience. Imparts strategic and operational guidance to protect people and assets.
  • Leads by example, resolves conflicts, remains impartial and highlights importance of diverse talent. Coaches and mentors individuals of all levels, encourages effective decisions and communication, and instils core values.

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