Sober Mofos

Alcohol Dependence and the Need for Action!

May 09, 2023 Dirk Foster Season 1 Episode 26
Sober Mofos
Alcohol Dependence and the Need for Action!
Show Notes

Addiction often arises from a need for constant action. People who are prone to develop an addiction to alcohol (or other intoxicants) often crave a certain level of excitement in their daily lives or they quickly become frustrated. The idea of simply sitting at home reading, watching TV, or doing nothing feels like a prison.


This is especially true when we’re young. Young people want to be in the middle of the action whenever and wherever they can find it. When we’re young, we have a desire and need to be around people our age especially on the weekends and at night. If we're not in the middle of the party, we feel like we're missing out on something. This is all perfectly natural and normal. 


The problem arises when we associate our social life too closely with our drinking life. The two can overlap so closely that the lines are blurred. This can be especially true in and around the “college years,” in our late teens and early 20s. Eventually, we instinctively associate drinking with the fun and excitement of being amongst our peers and all the joy and adventure that comes along with it.


Eventually, this can lead to an overdependence on alcohol to bring forth the associated feelings of having fun with friends and being young.

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