How I Learned to Love Shrimp

Aurelia Adhiambo on the animal advocacy landscape in Africa

October 04, 2023 Amy Odene & James Ozden
How I Learned to Love Shrimp
Aurelia Adhiambo on the animal advocacy landscape in Africa
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Aurelia is the Africa co-ordinator for the Open Wing Alliance where she supports African organisations with their cage-free campaigning efforts. 

In this episode Aurelia walks us through the state of the advocacy movement in Africa and the unique complexities of campaigning in this region. We hear Aurelia’s thoughts on progress in Africa and the importance of flexibility when devising and testing the strategies and tactics required to end cages in Africa.

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A view that most animal advocates would disagree with
What is the Open Wing Alliance?
Aurelia's personal journey into animal advocacy
What OWA offers
Who can join the OWA and how
Animal welfare in Africa
Notable wins
Corporate campaigns in African context
Being a coordinator
What happens when soft pressure fails
Animal welfare and veganism stats in Africa
How corporate campaigns are received in this region
Farmed animals industrialisation
Main argument for convincing companies
Policy work
Caged systems in Africa
The impact that global work has in Africa
Stopping cage free going caged and vice versa
Other promising strategies
How to get more advocates in this region
Plans for the future
Average size of OWA groups
Closing questions