Blind Myth by Jabriel Jamal

And lighten perspectives

September 21, 2023 Jabriel Jamal Episode 17
Blind Myth by Jabriel Jamal
And lighten perspectives
Show Notes

On this week’s episode of BlindMyth, Jabriel starts off by offering condolences for a recent tragedy in Libya, where flooding has caused widespread devastation, and in the Congo, where an earthquake has shaken the region.

Amidst these challenges, he dives into the journey of finding peace through blindness and explores the books that have been instrumental on his spiritual path. Discover the profound relationship between a guide dog and its handler, gaining insight into the responsibilities and struggles he faces.

In a shocking segment, he discusses an article that tells the heart-wrenching story of a woman who abandoned her blind dog on a highway, highlighting the importance of compassion.

Tech enthusiasts, stay tuned for our tech talk segment, where he explores the latest advancements in liquid DNA computing.

As we conclude this episode, he takes you behind the scenes of his voice over classes and adventures in voice acting, along with some quick Scripps that have left him inspired.

Join him on BlindMyth as he explores the world through a unique perspective, challenging perceptions and inspiring change.

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