The Overlook with Matt Peiken

Duo Movement and Goddess Rap | Stewart Owen Dance and Luciya

September 22, 2023 Matt Peiken Episode 91
The Overlook with Matt Peiken
Duo Movement and Goddess Rap | Stewart Owen Dance and Luciya
Show Notes

In this dual episode, we have separate conversations with dancemakers Vanessa Owen and Gavin Stewart and emerging rap artist Luicya.

Stewart Owen Dance makes duets, dances for larger ensembles and outdoor pieces, and collaborates with other artists. They're in residency next week at Trillium Arts in Mars Hill and performing next April at the Wortham Center in Asheville. We discuss how the pandemic changed their approach to their art and careers.

You won’t find much online from the emerging local artist who calls herself Luciya. She’s the daughter of classical musicians, but she calls her own music goddess rap. We’ll meet her and hear about her impulses and influences in the second half of the program. She's stepping her up local performances, including an intimate Sept. 30 date through Pan Harmonia.

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