CEO Seasons: Part 2 - Make | $100k - $300k
Jereshia Said
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Jereshia Said
CEO Seasons: Part 2 - Make | $100k - $300k
Jun 17, 2022 Episode 165
Jereshia Hawk

Building your business requires different priorities, decisions and leadership at different stages of growth. There are 4 different phases of wealth building and business growth:


MAKE: $0-$100k

MANAGE: $100k-$300k

MULTIPLY: $300k - $1M



In this episode we’re going to focus on Phase 2: $100k-$300k where the first M is MANAGE!


At every phase, your approach and strategies need to shift. Once you make $100k in your coaching business, it’s time to define and determine which business model you’ll use to help you create leverage.

This episode we talk about the five things you’ll need to manage in order to grow beyond $300k in revenue with your coaching business:



Client Delivery

Money (revenue vs profit)

Most importantly, your mindset

If you’ve plateaued or gotten stuck in this income phase, definitely tune in for some hard truths and straight talk.


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