The Transition From 1:1 to Group Coaching
Jereshia Said
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Jereshia Said
The Transition From 1:1 to Group Coaching
May 26, 2021 Episode 148
Jereshia Hawk

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Today I’m outlining the 3 key steps I took to be able to leverage my 1:1 offer into a group coaching program. 


Key Highlights of the Episode

 This episode  was extremely actionable and insightful. Here are a few key highlights:

  • What short-term sacrifice do you need to make now, that will position you for long-term success in your business? Short-term sacrifices require you to have a level of discomfort for 6-8 months to leverage your business beyond 1:1 clients later.
  • Sales is a contact sport- if you make enough contact with enough prospects, you will make more sales. Simple as that. 
  • The secret to sticking with the commitment you made to yourself, even when you are NOT motivated and don’t feel like doing it 
  • I walk you through the best strategy for scaling your business in a lean way, including using organic lead marketing, direct-response marketing, and permission-based sales.
  • And lots more!  Tune in now. 


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