Credibility Is The New Currency
Jereshia Said
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Jereshia Said
Credibility Is The New Currency
Nov 27, 2019 Episode 81
Jereshia Hawk

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 Today’s episode is going to help you align yourself to the modern strategies and attitudes that are required to flourish in business.


Consumers are doing their research. They have countless options and have their own opinions about what they want. They’re not going to buy based on the charisma of a salesman anymore. That’s why, as someone selling professional services in the online space, you have to understand that credibility is the new currency.


Key Highlights of the Episode

 This episode was extremely actionable and insightful. Here are a few key highlights:

  • Closing a sale is just the beginning - There are so many courses that help you to go out there, pull the trigger, and close the deal to get your first sale. While this is important, getting the sale is just the beginning of the relationship, It’s not the end goal. That’s why you have to build credibility into your sales process.
  • Your brand isn’t a logo or a service – It’s important to focus less on what your service is and more on what problem you solve. You need to have a specific niche that your product or service caters to. Your product or logo isn’t what differentiates you in the market. The problem you solve is what differentiates you. Services That Sell has a proven method to help you get crystal clear on this and to align your message with your ideal customer.
  • Being credible before the sale -  You need consistency with human-to-human connection. Are you consistently being visible? Are you consistently adding value? Is there consistency on your core messaging throughout your social media posts? Your content needs to be consistent with how buyers make decisions and if you’re not putting yourself out there and adding value to the audience in front of you then you will quickly lose that audience. Your content needs to be purposeful and it needs to show how you can get people consistent results
  • Being credible after the sale - Selling is not the end goal. Maintaining credibility after the sale, therefore, means you have to have a documented, proven process in place that will get your client the results they desire and expect. You have to deliver on your promise. By doing so, you’re building on your credibility and setting yourself up for the next sale.
  • Giving your services for free - There’s a common conception that you have to initially give away your services for free in order to earn credibility. I’m very skeptical about this practice, especially when it comes to the coaching business. If no transaction takes place, your client probably won’t be fully committed to putting in the work that’s required of them to get the results they want. Therefore, giving away your services for free like this can hurt your credibility.
  • And lots more!  Tune in now. 

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