The Difference Between Working In Your Business Vs Working On Your Business
Jereshia Said
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Jereshia Said
The Difference Between Working In Your Business Vs Working On Your Business
Oct 30, 2019 Episode 77
Jereshia Hawk

Are you ready to become a CEO? If the answer is yes, then how do you go about planning your day in order to get things done that will ultimately get you the results you desire?


 Today’s episode is a masterclass on the differences between working ON your business and working IN your business. I discuss what each of them entails and how to get the right balance.


Key Highlights of the Episode

 This episode was extremely actionable and insightful. It’s packed with advice and guidance for anyone who wants to develop and sharpen their CEO thinking process. Highlights include:


  • Plan the process - It’s easy to get caught up in planning what you want the result to look like. What’s equally important is planning the process. This includes how to best leverage your time and energy on a day to day basis. This ensures you stay focused on what’s going to make a difference.
  • Working on your business - Working on your business is all about strategic planning. It relates to setting goals, personal development and working on the skill sets that you need to reach the next level. It includes reflecting on what has happened so far, and deciding what changes you need to make moving forward. If you have a team working for you, then you will also need to spend time delegating tasks and helping your staff develop.
  • Working in your business - The day to day operations are what we’re referring to when we talk about working in your business. This can include anything from responding to social media comments to bookkeeping.
  • Shifting from an employee mindset - If you used to be (or still are) an employee then you’re probably more accustomed to working in a business. Working on your business, therefore, may not come naturally. That’s OK though. If this is the case, you have to build your skills, stamina, and relevant knowledge over time.
  • Making the time - When planning out your schedule, you need to ensure you devote adequate time to work on your business. Even though the ratio of time spent working on vs in your business changes from season to season, practice intentionally carving out space for working on top-level decision making and goal setting. This will ensure your hard work always stays focused in the right direction.
  • And lots more!  Tune in now.


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