Do You Have What It Takes To Be In The 1%? What Separates The Good From The Great?
Jereshia Said
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Jereshia Said
Do You Have What It Takes To Be In The 1%? What Separates The Good From The Great?
Aug 28, 2019 Episode 69
Jereshia Hawk

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There are certain habits that you have to get rid of if you want to join the top 1%. You have to be willing to make a commitment to your goals. A commitment that ensures you won’t be giving up until you’ve gotten to where you want to be.

Things may take time, but don’t give up. Aim for greatness and be willing to do what it takes to get there.

Key Highlights of the Episode

 This episode was extremely actionable and insightful. Here are a few key highlights:

  • The recipe for change - A commitment with no follow through is like a prayer that goes unanswered. If you want to make a significant change in any area of your life, you have to make a commitment and then take action in some way.
  • How hungry are you? - Imagine if you had zero options other than to start a business and be successful at it. Imagine if business success is the only way you’re going to put food on the table. If you’re fearing commitment, this will allow your survival instinct to kick in as you tell yourself you have no other options. If you’re hungry enough, you’ll find a way to succeed.
  • Don’t delete the post - Once you’ve made a commitment and taken action, don’t allow fear to cause you to step backward and reverse all the good you’ve done. This happens way too often when I see people go live on Facebook, only to delete the post a few minutes later. Don’t delete the post! Keep it up and focus on making each subsequent post better than the last.
  • Show up consistently and the money will follow - If you’re truly committed to being the best at what you do, then you’ll get paid. You simply have to keep showing up and be willing to put the work in until things work out. The likes of Michael Jordan never stopped working, through the good and the bad. Never give up and keep showing up!
  • You’re not basic, average, and simple - Make the commitment to be great! While it’s natural to fear that everyone is watching over your shoulder and waiting for you to slip up, in reality it doesn’t happen that way. People are more concerned about their own problems and how they look. Never allow basic, average, and simple people to hold you back... Ever!
  • And lots more!  Tune in now. 


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