The Bridge Association of REALTORS® Podcast

Episode #14 - Andrea Gordon: Insights from a Top Producer, Part 2

September 13, 2023
The Bridge Association of REALTORS® Podcast
Episode #14 - Andrea Gordon: Insights from a Top Producer, Part 2
Show Notes

Welcome to the Bridge Association of REALTORS® Podcast where we spotlight Bay Area REALTOR® members and affiliates, and share information about how the association can better serve our members. I’m your host, Declan Spring. Today I’m chatting with Andrea Gordon

The first part of my conversation with Andrea was released on April 27 this year.  That episode is available here.  Time did not allow for us to cover as much ground as I had hoped so we agreed to make time for a 2nd conversation. 

Andrea has a robust business, she’s consistently a top producing agent, not just at Compass but at a nationwide level. This makes for powerful insight on many levels because Andrea is never not in contract. She’s always in the market. And at the same time she's learned how to always work on her business. We talk about the challenges of a lean market and where to keep your focus.

Andrea is an MLS committee member. The MLS committee provides oversight of MLS policies, publications, and forms, and next year Andrea will be on the MLS board. Andrea is also involved with the MLS Management Group (MMG) consisting of representatives from Bay East, Contra Costa, and Bridge MLS. We talk about the recent stepped up pressure and threats to the career of being a real estate agent, the recent monumental change to Bright MLS on the east coast, and the first clear signs of changes coming to the decades old commission structure of real estate including several lawsuits that have been working their way through the court system and are finally coming to a head. For Inman subscribers, here are some links to get you up to speed: Anywhere settles lawsuit; Is Anywhere's settlement the first domino to fall?

Andrea and I have chatted before on an alternate podcast. In 2020 we had a rich conversation on the Let’s Talk, with Declan Spring podcast. If you’d like to listen to that podcast episode please click here.

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Andrea Gordon is a licensed CA REALTOR® DRE# 01233563
Declan Spring is a licensed CA REALTOR® DRE#01398898